The 2017 annual meeting of intelligence building industry of China successfully held

Published on 2019-07-02

Enforcement of the “2025” made in China for more than two years early has effect, China’s manufacturing industry is experiencing a new round of more profound changes, the 19th report again for our country and otherSmart industry & throughout;Pointed out the new direction of development.& other;The new journey began to intelligent manufacturing in China, the state council issued the 2025 China manufacturing plan, issued a new generation of intelligent planning, just after the party’s 19 big in the opening report also proposed to speed up the construction of manufacturing power, speed up the development of advanced manufacturing industry, promote the Internet, the big data fusion, artificial intelligence and the depth of the real economy, in the high-end consumption, innovation lead, green low carbon, sharing economy, modern supply chain, human capital services in areas such as forming new kinetic energy.Throughout the &;On November 24, in the 21st century business herald sponsored & other;2017 annual meeting of China’s smart industry & throughout;, south of finance and economics entire media group deputy chief editor, editor-in-chief of the 21st century company Deng Gonghui pointed out in his speech, in a highly capitalized, digital and networked, on the basis of global manufacturing industry ushered in the fourth industrial revolution, began to enter intelligent era.It is understood that the annual meeting to & other;Immediate start: create a gold 30 years of China manufacturing & throughout;Transformation and innovation as the theme, on China’s manufacturing enterprises and the fusion of multiple topics such as artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacture in China development present situation, problems and future trends and paths and opportunities has carried on the warm discussion.Annual meeting, also released the first domestic focus on the competitiveness of the whole intelligent manufacturing development report & ndash;& ndash;”2017 China smart competitiveness report” (hereinafter referred to as “report”).The report points out that the intelligent equipment utilization rate, China’s traditional manufacturing in the production process of numerical control rate and so on all have significantly increased, manufacturing into the whole industrial 2.0 to 3.0 industry transition.And puts forward the service mode transformation, system towards personalization solutions become the hot topic of the development, manufacturing value chain accelerated to value network, & otherCloud manufacturing & throughout;Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing four development trend in the future.Chinese wisdom created from the end of the annual “greatwall” biopic, a group of related to intelligent manufacturing enterprise stand out from the benchmarking, intelligent, information-based transformation for the made in China provides a sample.& other;Smart & throughout;Defined as economic development into the new normal again, our government closely around & otherTo capacity, short board, adjust structure, steady growth & throughout;Development goals, promote structural reform of supply side.Traditional manufacturing face rising cost of factors of production such as labor, raw materials, energy conservation and emissions reduction and environmental protection standards stricter stress, such as traditional transformation came to a crossroads.At the same time, a new round of revolution is the rise of science and technology.”Made in China 2025″ clear to develop the intelligent manufacturing in our country, through the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, such as the Internet of things of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing technology of the depth of fusion, realize the traditional manufacturing industry to develop in the direction of digital, intelligent and networking.But before embracing intelligent manufacture, about what is intelligent manufacturing, the participating experts put forward their own opinions.In the ministry of industry policy department inspector XinRenZhou, intelligent manufacturing is the advanced information technology and the depth of the fusion of advanced manufacturing technology, through the research and development of manufacturing, production and management, after-sales service, a whole process, is a kind of new mode of production.Small and medium-sized enterprise research institute under the state council development research center, “said zhang, new manufacturing new characteristics different from that of new industrialization, also different from the fusion of informatization and industrialization, is not entirely equal & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;.He thinks, new manufacturing industry, is not necessarily the Internet simply add manufacturing, is likely to be take full advantage of the Internet, big data, such as artificial intelligence technology and means, make product, process and experience of simplicity and complexity to appropriately to fusion and combination of manufacturing.China metallurgical industry planning of the institute, party secretary li xinchuang thinks, intelligent manufacture not a robot, also is not reduced, but the global intelligent, every industry necessary unified planning and step-by-step implementation, management first, continuous progress, the most important thing is deeply involved in, self-built team.& other;For iron and steel industry, our goal is to use Internet + Internet of things and intelligent manufacturing technology, with the deepening integration, research and development, put forward analysis and product design, production organization, process optimization, quality control, market dynamic feedback, multi-function system of whole process of the steel, is not a link, and in three dimensions, including intelligent design, intelligent factories, industrial synergy denied reach we advocated all the efficiency improvement.Throughout the &;Li xinchuang said.& other;Smart & throughout;Challenges under the wave of intelligent manufacturing, the traditional manufacturing industries have grasped the nettle and actively promote the supply side structural reform, take the initiative to embrace the Internet and large data, promote the intelligent manufacturing.GCL System Integration Technology Co., Ltd., vice President and chief executive of the solar energy division, said gaea gem propulsion intelligent manufacturing can shorten the development cycle, improve production efficiency and quality, reduce cost and energy consumption.In the face of the raging tides of intelligent manufacturing, enterprise at the time of active exploration, also maintain a calm, for the current stage of intelligent manufacturing, have their own thinking.Zhenhua heavy industries chief engineer YanYunFu pointed out that the current intelligent production line, the welding robot hand is abroad, technology is not very mature.The reason is that industry special needs, such as facing the uneven thickness of steel plate, harder to use penetration to robots.East lumena electric zhong-hui wang, deputy general manager pay more attention to the enterprise, especially the innovative enterprise in developing intelligent manufacturing strategic level.For innovative enterprises, intelligent manufacturing for them to be not urgent, because has the skills, can in the industry of the whole advantage of competitive position.Intelligent manufacturing with no clear direction, the intelligent standard, the path is not yet perfect, enterprise uniqueness or differentiation requirements will not be able to match.In addition, technology supply safety alarming.& other;If intelligent renovation, is bound to put the CARDS on the whole process of equipment, process, and get more involved in intelligent manufacturing enterprises may get information.Besides frequently tens of millions of investment, or bigger challenges for innovative enterprises.Throughout the &;Zhong-hui wang said.The report also explicitly put forward China’s intelligent manufacturing challenges of the era of big data information security.Huge amounts of data centralized storage increased data leakage wind direction, the fortified industries, the & other;Information island & throughout;Highlighted problem.Far east wisdom energy investor, director, chief operating officer, said Chen industrial 4.0 also in the outlook of the stage, facing the problem of personnel, capital, technology, etc., different stages, this a few problems exist.& other;We used may be excessive focus on talent, capital, capital and other issues, but ignores the process controls, because made in China is the fusion of every level, production, application will fuses in together, finally for our manufacturing to service.The process and control if you need a tight system.Throughout the &;Also referring to the process control and vice President Liu Ziqing roots connect technology co., LTD.He points out that Chinese manufacturing enterprises to realize intelligent control, need to pay attention to three points: first, to the whole enterprise into a platform based on the data of the intelligent space, let the data speak;The enterprises should attach importance to process information integration, manufacturing companies have several closed-loop, marketing, research and development of process, service processes, etc., it is very important to build into a system based on process;Third, based on user mode innovation, grasp the customer pain points.Artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence to reshape manufacturing industry convergence is accelerated, and behind the main data attention has also been experts attending the meeting.Baidu cloud chief data scientist zhi-yong shen said that artificial intelligence is based on data, manufacturing and artificial intelligence are behind the application of computing and information technology.& other;First of all, to make itself production automatic operations and product automatic detection need data.Look from the industry chain, transverse existing collaborative manufacturing, need to optimize resource allocation, need the data.Longitudinal, emphasizes the optimization of material or design before manufacturing, to a large extent is also through the way of data;And manufacturing stage, after the client, also need data acquisition products have greater application interaction, in the process of interaction, also increases the richness of the data collection.Manufacture before and after the formation of the closed loop.Throughout the &;Zhi-yong shen said.Ali cloud ET j industrial chief brain architecture space is further put forward the application of data problem, he pointed out that to make use of big data and data analysis technology to production line, create value for enterprises, behind is the Internet platform, technology and industry.& other;We stressed that we are not selling software platform promotion, or do we are to solve the problem.Enterprise is not an additional device, change a bigger under the condition of the technological process, the production line where is the maximum minimum energy consumption, product performance is the most stable value, where we have been doing.Throughout the &;From the perspective of artificial intelligence applied in the manufacturing, cloudera company global vice President, greater China general manager LingQi believe that artificial intelligence is from marketing side, design, and gradually into the manufacturing process, & other;We can see more and more of the past relatively mature manufacturing technology based on Internet marketing the technology and products of technology, these industry gradually into the product process.Such as wind power management completely relies on the data of sensors, for data analysis to manage each fan of health and the situation of the future might be wrong, and the management of the electric current, efficiency, and so on.Throughout the &;Microsoft’s chief operating officer, zou for pointed out that the manufacturing of the future there will be quite development digital twins.Digital twins, refers to the digital way to copy a physical object, mock objects in the real environment behavior, based on the product, manufacturing process and the whole plant virtual simulation, so as to improve the production efficiency of manufacturing enterprise research and development, manufacturing, to achieve the purpose of reduce cost and increase benefit.At the same time, zou said, machine learning, cognitive capacity is also very important, this means that the machine itself can synchronize with technology development.For a robot, ao, bo (Beijing) intelligent technology co., LTD., chairman of hong-xing wei said, nearly 10 years, smartphones, including the development of the Internet technology and the development of the sensor by leaps and bounds, but these things are true in industrial robots, and no real reflected, brings to the emerging domestic enterprises opportunity, how do we use the dividends of the Internet era, control a very low cost chip and sensors, with a new idea to design industrial robots, I think there is a chance.Application scenarios, in the face of the evolution of artificial intelligence technology itself, super multidimensional group vice President Sue method proposed two ideas, a closed loop to go its own technology, another take the path of the fusion of win-win cooperation.& other;Large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises can in fusion, greater economic volume can also be through in the entire market to seek some cooperation to enrich their own economic ability and large scale.Throughout the &;Sue says, of course, there are also some enterprises can choose the other way, in the technology of the closed loop, if you can form a relatively have scale effect, can be no development.He stressed that no matter which route to go, the key is whether has the core technology, and otherOnly in their own technology beyond the larger economies, just a little amount of time and capital play a role of scale of professional & throughout;.(the original title: Chinese smart industry conference successfully held 2017) (source: China)