The intelligent manufacturing innovation entrepreneurship competition division finals

Published on 2019-07-02

23 from chongqing on district party committee propaganda department, the 2nd national intelligent manufacturing innovation entrepreneurship competition division finals on the evening of 22 in the ocean.Innovation and entrepreneurship two groups the top three of a total of six projects, will enter the finals in Beijing, on behalf of the southwest region and the national innovative entrepreneurial superior athletic contest.According to introducing, this contest by the ministry of industry and information technology department guidance information and software services, the development of Chinese Internet industry alliance, the ministry of industry and information technology software and integrated circuit promotion center and ocean district people’s government of the host.Contest with & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Innovative undertaking as the background, through innovative technology products and business models, the combination of talent and capital, hatching worthy projects, build platform for innovation.At the same time, by focusing on key areas and industries, developing a group of creative potential, investment prospects, can promote the traditional industry transformation and upgrading of technology and application.Finals, vehicle-mounted mobile modular sewage disposal device, magnetic bead separation in microns, pipeline robot to obtain the top three business group.V, small cats love science and technology of foot wear solutions, & other;Embodiment & throughout;3 d human body modeling respectively innovation group of the top three.The champion of the two groups come from chongqing.& other;Contest aims to set the wisdom of the innovative talents, further excavate more investment potential, the innovation potential, to promote transformation and upgrading of traditional industries of innovative technologies and projects, develop a more innovative companies.Throughout the &;Contest the relevant person in charge of the organizing committee revealed that received this match nearly thousand innovative start-ups to sign up, the sea of the organizing committee voted for more than 100 high-quality project to carry on the preliminary, through expert review three rounds of selection, finally decide the innovation, entrepreneurship two groups the top 8 of a total of 16 projects into the finals.The 16 projects covers advanced manufacturing industry, robot, biological medicine, and artificial intelligence.As an important series of activities, competition is on at the same time held the first China (chongqing) intelligent industry innovation and development of BBS.On the BBS, from top academics, consultants and representatives of enterprises, both at home and abroad jointly & other;Traditional economic challenges and opportunities of intelligent & throughout;, & otherTrend of artificial intelligence and industrial application & throughout;, & otherIndustrial intellectualized and information security & throughout;Issues such as the keynote and roundtable discussion.It is understood that it was held in chongqing area on the second national intelligent manufacturing innovation entrepreneurship competition events in southwest division.At present, a total of 62 high and new technology enterprises in the area, 337 high and new technology products, effective invention patent 363, 3 national intellectual property advantage enterprises.(the original title: national intelligent manufacturing innovation entrepreneurship competition division finals MSC) (source: China news)