World conference on intelligent manufacturing, led the world expo held in ning

Published on 2019-07-02

Solstice December 6, 2017, 8, by the ministry of industry and information technology, Chinese academy of engineering, China association for science and technology and jointly organized by jiangsu province people’s government of world intelligent manufacturing assembly will be held in 2017.During the conference, 2017 world conference on intelligent manufacturing & bull;Intelligence brought the world expo will be held in nanjing international expo center.The exposition to & other;Together, melting, gen, & throughout;As the theme, will be in nanjing international expo center, no. 4, 5, 6, and 5 a number set exhibition hall, it also has outdoor exhibition area, the total area of about 50000 square meters, so far has been invited to the 275 domestic and foreign companies.Expo will be a comprehensive display at home and abroad the latest technology in the field of intelligent manufacturing and top product, release the latest development of domestic intelligent manufacturing enterprise demonstration results, at the same time share the forefront of intelligent manufacturing practical application of the solution.Window one: the degree of internationalization of higher more than 30 world us-funded enterprises exhibition organizing committee relevant controller introduces, at present to determine the exhibition 275 companies, there are world 34 a us-funded enterprises, the national intelligence manufacturing pilot enterprises of 28, such as the number one cause of the world’s second, the European white goods bossi household appliance enterprises, the world’s largest, most complete varieties, technology’s leading supplier of rail transportation equipment in China car, electrical connections, electronic interface technology and the world market leader in the field of automation enterprises phoenix, the world’s largest producer of earthwork construction machinery and construction machinery caterpillar, the world famous gree electric appliances manufacturing enterprises, the backbone of the electronics industry in our country enterprise panda electronics, etc.Be worth what carry is, to participate in the expo and so far there are 138 enterprises in jiangsu, accounted for half of the total number of exhibitors, at a much lower than last year world conference on intelligent manufacturing, this suggests that higher degree of internationalization of the exhibition, the domestic corporate participation in the jiangsu province higher, really shows the latest achievements in the field of intelligent manufacturing worldwide.Highlight 2: three main hall each has its own characteristics Set up outdoor exhibition expo for the first time a total of three main hall, each main hall has a theme.4 pavilion theme & other;The mode of intelligent manufacturing and innovation & throughout;, intelligent manufacture industry present situation and development trend of the standard led to focus on selected, the current international and domestic practice in intelligent manufacturing solutions to provide, intelligent manufacture high levels of benchmarking enterprise, and embody the future direction of industrial intelligent manufacture cutting-edge technology such as Internet + and representative practice unit of technical standards, which fully combined with the practice in jiangsu province, nanjing characteristic and other factors.Number five theme pavilions for & other;Intelligent equipment and control & throughout;, present domestic and international major key equipment and related key products, key technology, including high-end CNC machine tools and industrial robots, increase material manufacturing equipment, intelligent sensor and control equipment, intelligent detection and assembly equipment, intelligent logistics and warehousing equipment 5 kinds of key technology and equipment such as five kinds of key technology and equipment.6 pavilion theme & other;Throughout industry and regional practice &;, mainly show the ministry intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprises, jiangsu province, the intelligent workshop in intelligent manufacturing five application mode and practical application in the field of the top ten.The expo for the first time set up outdoor exhibition area, covers an area of about 2000 square meters, mainly displaying large equipment, such as domestic carriers in miniature model, once appeared in the film transformers 3 large caterpillar excavator and so on.Point three: new talent exchange communication with intelligent manufacturing solutions and docking area the expo plate added a function, which is located in no. 5 a pavilion of the talent exchange communication with intelligent manufacturing solutions and docking area, covers an area of about 2000 square meters.The area on the one hand, aiming at the problems in the transformation and upgrading of enterprise intelligence, the scene will invite domestic and foreign well-known experts and entrepreneurs, on the other hand will organize various universities in nanjing and showcase its discipline construction achievements of education institutions and talent advantages, and the scene of the relevant enterprises and institutions for talent.Early in order to better meet the needs of the exhibitors, the organizing committee for the exhibitors conducted one-on-one, to understand the demand of the exhibitors, collecting the exhibitors want to see customers, with focus on the invitation, within the framework of the audience can effectively improve the degree of matching buyers and sellers, enhance the participation of the results.Point four: four robot performances a day singing, dancing, crosstalk itsdifferent this expo is not only the relevant enterprises and institutions for intelligent manufacturing system, is also interested in intelligent manufacturing oriented work.If you are interested in robots, then you can come to see them all, the organizing committee at the corner outside the pavilion nest 4 sets the lands a robot, on December 6, and 7 show four games, each in every 1 hour, show time is 9:00-10:00 in the morning, 11-12:00, performance in the afternoon time is 14:00 to 15:00, 16:00-17:00.Robot performance is divided into three part, the robot dance group in 2016 CCTV Spring Festival gala performances, 30 robot accompanying music a uniform dancing on the stage.Robot in the performance of variety, in addition to singing, dancing, and the audience interaction with the exchange of language, and interact with staff performed in “my partner”.Desktop athletic contest link is from 6 sets of independent research and development of robot soccer game is divided into two groups, after the two robots in a fighting game table, match the whole explanation.Wisdom has brought the world expo exhibition registration system opened if you want to go to watch the show, from now on can register to the Internet.The conference exhibition opened at the same time computer end and micro letter end two register, login method.PC can login world intelligent manufacturing () then click the & other;I want to visit & throughout;Enter & other;The audience pre-registration & throughout;Fill in the personal information page.WeChat side can pay attention to the public, & other;World conference on intelligent manufacturing & other;(wims2017), click on the phone the lower right of the screen & other;The audience throughout the registration &;Fill in the personal information.Information is submitted, the system automatically generate qr code and registration number, and send confirmation to register mobile phone short message, the audience can with this qr code and registration number on the exhibition day, login at the entrance of the conference hall for visiting card for the visit.(Ma Liya Chen huan) (the original title: world conference on intelligent manufacturing & middot;Intelligence brought the world expo held in ning) (source: xinhua)