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Published on 2019-07-02

Not long ago, I had the honor of the Chinese academy of engineering attended by the Chinese mechanical engineering society, China automotive engineering society, China electrotechnical society, Chinese instruments and meters, jointly organized by the Chinese society of agricultural machinery & otherThroughout 2018, winter jasmine report &;.& other;Throughout the lecture &;Is every January five society dedicated to the members of a brand project, also learn to friendly cooperation and communication between members between effective platform.On major annual report invited domestic famous experts carry on the omni-directional depth analysis and interpretation of hot issues report theme in the field is quite widespread, including: industry, science and technology, military, international relations and regional situation, etc.The report, the organizers invited by dean to academician of Chinese academy of engineering, to & other;A new generation of intelligent manufacturing & ndash;& ndash;A new industrial revolution throughout the core driving force &;Entitled to & other;Intelligent manufacturing & throughout;Has carried on the comprehensive analysis and interpretation.Since god created the earth creatures evolved from ape to man.When human civilization appeared on this planet, the human society and the mode of production with the change of history, is in constant change.The middle of the 18th century, represented by the industrial countries, launched with mechanization as the center of the first industrial revolution.Spinning Jenny, watt’s steam engine, and powered by a steam engine of the ship, train transportation field.Hands free, drive the car instead of walking pattern to the human production, life has brought great changes.In the 1870 s, marked the electrification of the era of the second industrial revolution.Siemens generator, Edison electric light, inventions such as the telephone let human society entered the & other;Electrical & throughout;Era.Is had at that time the invention and application of electricity, now all kinds of computer, player, and mobile phone to facilitate communication and entertainment.After the third industrial revolution began in the end of world war ii, significant characteristics for information technology, is also called the information revolution.In particular, is represented by the computer information technology application scope is more and more wide, computing speed accelerating, able to complete the human brain can’t do large-scale complicated calculation, a large number of data storage and the rapid spread of information.Because of this, make the space technology, nuclear technology and the rapid development of biotechnology.Several times the production of the industrial revolution, the reason to return with what, in my opinion, basically can be summarized as follows: to improve the production efficiency, improve product quality, optimize allocation of production factors, reduce costs, meet the growing demand for personalized by the user.Third industrial revolution, for example, in 1950, for $5.3 trillion, global GDP in 1970 to $13.8 trillion, an average annual compound growth rate reached 4.9%, which in 1960 ~ 1970 annual growth as high as 5.03%.In the 21st century now, the fourth industrial revolution marked by intelligent manufacturing is carried out.Due to the intelligent manufacturing is a large concept, numerous paradigm, is not conducive to form a unified intelligent manufacturing technology, to the enterprise in promoting the practice of intelligent upgrade caused many problems.According to the latest research results of the Chinese academy of engineering, integrated intelligent manufacturing mode can be summarized and improve the basic paradigm of three kinds of intelligent manufacturing, digital manufacturing, digital network manufacturing, digital intelligent networked manufacturing (i.e., a new generation of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing another three basic paradigm, iteration to upgrade.On the one hand, the three basic paradigms embodies international intelligent manufacturing development in three stages, on the other hand, for China, must be the backwardness advantage, take the three basic paradigms “parallel propulsion, fusion development” of the technical route.Specific to the next three years to five years, the key to promote intelligent manufacturing in China is a large scale promotion and comprehensive application of the digital networked manufacturing, namely the second generation of intelligent manufacturing.German industry 4.0 and the Internet perfectly elaborated this one phase of manufacturing paradigm, and puts forward the implement of digital networked manufacturing technology.And can really be called is a new generation of the industrial revolution, is to the third stage of intelligent manufacturing, namely digital networked intelligent manufacturing.If digital networked manufacturing is the beginning of a new round of industrial revolution, then a new generation of intelligent manufacturing breakthroughs and widely used to promote the formation of the climax of the industrial revolution, leading the industry of 4.0, in the true sense realize the fourth industrial revolution.So, a new generation of intelligent manufacturing system than the first generation and second generation have what progress?The most essential characteristic is its information system has greatly changed.Increased the function of cognition and learning, we in the generation of information system, mainly only perception, analysis, and decision making and control function, has added a new function, now is the cognitive and learning functions, so the calculation and analysis of information system not only has strong sense and control ability, more with the learning and the ability to produce knowledge to ascend.In 2015, the state council issued the 2025 “made in China, the deployment of the all-round implementation of manufacturing strategy.Through & other;Three steps & throughout;A strategy, generally every step in ten years or so to achieve the goal of our transformation from manufacturing power to manufacturing powerhouse.By 2025, the second tier to enter the world’s manufacturing power in our country, namely industrial technology level close to Germany, Japan;By 2035, our country should be at the forefront in the second tier, which began to surpass Germany and Japan;To 2045, the first echelon to enter the world’s manufacturing power, namely the neck and neck with the United States.And “made in China 2025” is one of the main direction of intelligent manufacturing.Schedule has set of national industrial strategy, strategic direction is very clear, is to manufacturing industry’s prosperity and powerful, to support the country’s prosperity and powerful, the author sounds really let a person have a boiling passion.As a professional website analysis instrument industry, we also in observation, analysis of China instrument industry own schedule and will be how to develop?For national analysis instrument manufacturing enterprises, there are a lot of unfinished digital transformation, this lesson is the need to catch up on, digital production is also the basis of intelligent manufacturing.In the product level, the analysis of the development of the intelligent instrument\/equipment, according to the author shallow view, first of all should be combined with emerging technologies, such as use of big data and cloud platform to further develop perfect without sample preparation or sample preparation simple analysis technology, such as: near infrared, Raman, LIBS, atmospheric open ion source mass spectrometry, etc.Actually very simple, also the reasons in the current analysis laboratory, sample preparation work in the whole process of analysis work can generally accounted for more than 70%.If you can let the general laboratory analysts from heavy sample handling work, is be not;The second, still and sample preparation, sample preparation automation technology development, and to make the transition to smart.Future intelligent sample pre-treatment technology, in which developed by equipment to fumble, sample processing method, we are full of expectation;Third, using sensors, big data, such as artificial intelligence technology, the analysis instrument\/equipment for real-time intelligent analysis and intelligent control, so as to realize optimization of the operation of the instrument\/equipment and intelligent protection.If the future analysis instrument companies want to shift from production manufacture to a service-oriented, this is a very notable technology development direction;Fourth, the integrated innovation, the multiple integration analysis or sample processing in one instrument\/equipment, the technology development trend in recent years became more and more clear, both imports and domestic products, are reflected.Finally, we want to say is, no matter what & other;Manufacturing & throughout;And, ultimately, by the enterprise to implement.Intelligent manufacturing strategy also pointed out: China to promote intelligent manufacturing should fully stimulate enterprise endogenous power, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises, to be practical and realistic to explore their transformation and upgrading of technology path.At all levels of government, finance, science, and the school to create a good ecological environment, to help small and medium-sized enterprises and support enterprises, especially smart update.(the original title: look from the national strategic analysis instrument & otherIntelligent manufacturing & throughout;Road) (source: instrument information network)