The main use of commonly used machine tool

Published on 2019-07-02

Lathe basically is used at machining the end panel of all sorts of circumgyrate surfaces and swing tower. If turning inside and outside is columnar,chamfer of face, taper seat, annulus reachs figuration hodometer face, turning end panel reachs all sorts of commonly used whorl, deserve to tooling still can be machined all sorts of special shape face. Still can make hole of bore, reaming, bore with a reamer on lathe, roll the job such as the flower. Milling machine the machine tool with a kind of extensive use, plane can be machined on milling machine (horizontal, vertical plane) , groove (chamfer of form of keyway, T, swallow end chamfer) , the spare parts that divide tine (axis of gear, spline, chain wheel is good, gyroidal the surface (chamfer of whorl, helix) reach all sorts of curved surface. In addition, still can use at be opposite swing tower surface, inside aperture treatment and undertake cutting off working waiting. When milling machine is working, workpiece outfit is on workbench or on the accessory such as dividing head, milling cutter rotates give priority to motion, complementary move with the feed of workbench or milling head, workpiece can obtain needs treatment surface. Because be much knife interrupted cutting, the productivity of milling machine is consequently taller. PlanerSlotting machine basically is used at machining all sorts of plane (reach all sorts of groove like horizontal, vertical plane and cant, wait like chamfer of form of T form chamfer, swallow end chamfer, V) , shape point-blank the surface. If deserve to have profile modeling unit, still can machine dimensional curved surface, be like turbine impeller, helix chamfer. The cutting tool structure of this kind of machine tool is simple, when the return trip not cutting, reason productivity is inferior, use at sheet commonly small lot production. Boring machine applies to machining workshop to sheet or the part that small lot produces has planar milling and opening is treatment, design of ministry of end of main shaft box has smooth come back dish of radial tool carrier, the hole with larger size of can accurate boring and plane. Still can undertake getting in addition, aperture of bore with a reamer and thread machining. Grinder is ground with abrasive (emery wheel, arenaceous belt, oilstone or abrade makings) the machine tool that undertakes to workpiece surface as the tool cutting is machined, a general designation is grinder. Grinder can machine all sorts of surfaces, face of corridor of teeth of a cogwheel of if inside and outside is columnar face and taper seat, planar, tine, helicoid reachs all sorts of shaping the face, OK still blade is ground cutting tool and undertake cutting off waiting, craft range is very wide. Because grinding machines the exterior quality that gets tall treatment precision become reconciled easily, so grinder basically applies at spare parts finish machining, especially hard steel of temper by dipping in water with tall hardness the finish machining of special material. Drilling machine has the versatility machine tool of extensive use, can undertake to the spare parts plane of aperture of bore, reaming, bore with a reamer, Huo is mixed attack the treatment such as whorl. When deserving to have tooling on radial drilling machine, still can undertake; deserves to go up on bench drill boring hole all-purpose workbench (MDT-180) , still but mill keyway. Gear of gear cutting machine tool is the most commonly used drive, have the columnar gear wheel of straight tine, inclined tine and person handwriting tine, straight tine and the round bevel gear that arc ages, worm wheel and blame circle gear. The machine tool that machines surface of gear teeth of a cogwheel calls gear cutting machine tool.