How to give bearing of scroll of common lathe choice correctl

Published on 2019-07-02

Scroll bearing type is varied, factor of the following respect can consider when choosing, undertake choosing thereby.    The size of ① load, direction and property ball bearing are comfortable at bearing light load, roller bearing is comfortable weigh load and concussion load at bearing. When scroll bearing gets pure axial load, choose thrust bearing commonly; When scroll bearing gets pure radial load, choose deep trench ball bearing or bearing of short columnar roller commonly; While when scroll bearing gets pure radial load, when still having not big axial load, can choose deep trench ball bearing, horn to contact bearing of ball bearing, tapered roller and tone heart ball or bearing of the roller that move a heart; When axial when load is bigger, can choose the part with osculatory larger part to contact ball bearing and tapered roller bearing, perhaps choose radial bearing and thrust bearing combination to be together, this suits particularly when load of extremely tall axial or special requirement have bigger axial tigidity.    Because the type of bearing is different,② allows rotate speed have very big difference. Usually, attrition is small, calorific the bearing with little quantity, comfortable at high rotate speed. The stress when the design begs scroll bearing to be in under its the condition of limited speed leaves the job.    ③ rigid bearing bears when bear, bearing ferrule and place of scroll body contact can produce flexibility to be out of shape, deflection and load become scale, its ratio decides the size of bearing tigidity. Can pass the raise bearing closely beforehand tigidity of bearing commonly; In addition, in bearing bearing design, combine and range way what consider bearing the bearing stiffness of ameliorable also bearing.    After ④ moves heart function and mounting error bearing to load working place, because make an error,often create installation and fixed position undesirable. Because axial generation is scooped up,often be spent right now and heat expands wait for a reason, make bearing has borne big load, cause inchoate damage. Bearing of automatic attune heart can overcome the defect that causes by mounting error by oneself, because suit the bearing of this kind of utility however.    ⑤ is installed and disassemble tapered roller bearing, needle bearing, belong to inside and outside to encircle dissociable bearing type (namely alleged depart bearing) , installation disassembles convenient.    ⑥ marketability even if the center lathe bearing that includes catalogue item, there is not a sale certainly on the market; Conversely, the bearing some that did not include catalogue item is mass-produced however. Consequently, should be clear that use bearing is bought whether easily.