2018 lathe market purchase demand for popular Help 2025 strat

Published on 2019-07-02

Under the circumstances of global manufacturing revival, from Germany 2025 industrial 4.0 to made in China, the industrial transformation and upgrading manufacturing points become a major global economic development, industrial output value as the cornerstone of the gross national product, is the mainstay of the national economic development.Lathe as an industrial production mainly turning processing equipment tools, also is the symbol of national industrial level and strength, then 2018 lathe how to market, and with the automobil between analysis and prediction of data transaction monitors together.From 2017 q4 quarterly hc360 lathe market supply and demand of map you can see, the quarter lathe basic steady market supply scale, thus machine tool as the main equipment in the industrial production tools the market has been basically tends to saturation;However, from the point of the quarter, lathe market demand have been purchasing trend, thus national policy and economic environment has a great demand for the market purchasing.Quarter in the early market comprehensive index of average purchase at around 360 points, and by the end of the quarter market composite average purchase index has grown to about 900 points, the overall growth rate is as high as 150%, visible market purchase demand is relatively strong, preliminary forecast or related to the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, in turn, cause equipment upgrades, traditional old machine tool will gradually be replaced by full automatic and intelligent machine tool equipment.From 2017 q4 quarterly hc360 market lathe procurement and supply price of figure, the market of purchasing amount within the range of 60000-160000 yuan trade order accounted for 34.7%, the market purchasing amount is more than $160000 worth of trade order accounted for 15.47%, comprehensive known purchasing amount above 60000 yuan of the trade order overall proportion reached 50.17%, which means large lathe equipment and new equipment has been accounted for half of the market to purchase share, the other half market share may gradually hot second-hand market.For lathes, machine tools, this kind of large industrial equipment, the cost is high, the cost of its equipment technical update is slow, many medium and small manufacture enterprises don’t have the ability to direct the most advanced machine tool equipment, docking and second-hand equipment transition will be a good choice.Again from lathe hc360 trading market purchase guest unit price of figure as you can see, the average purchase price is more than 10000 yuan trading order of more than 50%, and nearly half of the purchase guest unit price of less than 10000 yuan, visible on the market for small equipment and related machine tool accessories such as small amount of purchase demand is strong.Analysis diagram shows, annual average purchase price more than 25% of more than 47000 yuan trade order, combination of Q4 quarterly purchase amount above 60000 yuan trading orders accounted for 50%, thus it can be seen that Q4 quarterly purchase orders on the trading amount compared with average growth of 50%, thus can be speculated that the market demand of new type automatic and intelligent machine tool equipment is gradually increased.Finally, from the 2017 q4 quarterly hc360 market lathe procurement and supply index analysis, the lathe related hot industry in the field of machine tool is the size of the market and purchase demand is very big, the comprehensive index of procurement, ranked second in the field of machine tool.From can also be seen in the analysis diagram, punch, machine tools, CNC machine, milling machine, sawing machine, drilling machine and other machine tools niche market demand forecasts are in a growth trend, the lathe and the highest growth rates in sawing machine market demand forecasting, reached 0.74% at the same time, thus, you can purchase preliminary forecast 2018 machine tool market demand will be the overall showed a trend of high running away, then along with the market and the relevant state policies, market will further active.According to automobil between observation data, the lathe market supply and demand graph, purchasing and supply price zone and index analysis, as well as the guest unit price of figure, the lathe and the whole field of machine tool demand in the recent market purchasing trends.Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry rapidly in the country policy, driven by lathe market procurement requirements, or will continue to be popular, rapid production equipment update iteration has undoubtedly promoted the process of the transformation, believe the future lathe market will have greater room for growth, in turn, help China manufacturing 2025 strategy.(the original title: 2018 lathe market purchase demand for popular power 2025 powers strategic) made in China (source: hc360)