Wang wen chat foshan manufacturing: seize the present opportu

Published on 2019-07-02

Foshan is a manufacturing in our country, the city’s GDP in 2013 to 701 billion yuan.According to the Chinese academy of social sciences published the “2013 China’s urban competitiveness blue book, foshan urban comprehensive competitiveness in the city of Hong Kong, macau, Taiwan and the eighth.Guangdong provincial party committee proposed: & other;Foshan creating trillions in the west bank of the pearl river delta will lead the equipment manufacturing industry area, radiation driven area in west of guangdong province.Throughout the &;To guarantee the healthy development of foshan manufacturing continued to maintain competitive advantage, through modern means to improve the manufacturing organization and process technology, combined with foshan characteristics and needs of the traditional industries, to speed up the manufacture and use of process automation, intelligent and green, development of intelligent manufacturing, speed up the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.For manufacturing foshan now, former ministry of industry and information technology, deputy director of the center for international economic and technological cooperation information wang wen expressed own view, the following content according to the interview arrangement of wang wen.A, foshan manufacturing digital economy contains multiple content into the digital economy, such as intelligent terminals, such as software industry information industry is an important part of the digital economy, but it is also part of easily ignored by the outside world, that is the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.Among them, the change of intelligent manufacturing is the core link.For the fourth time the core of the industrial revolution is the digital, network and other technical means to reengineering the manufacturing process.Since the 1990 s of the network technology into the consumption field, first brought the consumption of the Internet.Nowadays, the technology change into the industry, industry of the Internet revolution, bring brand-new life for production, also to enrich the connotation of the digital economy.From this perspective, the development of digital economy is the necessity of city innovation drive.For manufacturing, foshan drive is an important power for the development of digital economy industrial 4.0 change.4.0 mentioned industry, many cities will be in Germany as a benchmark.It is important to note that not all are suitable for the German city.As the old industrial power, German cars, electronics and other discrete manufacturing is very strong.But in China is more developed high-speed rail type, chemical processes such as manufacturing and food and other hybrid manufacturing.Industrial system differences decided to China cannot copy the German manufacturing mode change.”Made in China 2025” is a Chinese formulated from the top-level design conforms to the characteristic of industry change plan.Including foshan city also developed their own action plan accordingly.To do digital economy, foshan, the key to further advance & other;Wisdom change & throughout;Strategy of be born, and make strategic focus.Two, the tide of intelligent manufacturing opportunities now intelligent manufacturing industry investment is a focus and hot spot of society, the main reason for two reasons.On the one hand, technology support, on the other hand is the social demand.The two reasons accelerated the intelligent manufacturing industry investment opportunities and time to maturity.In artificial intelligence, for example.This concept is not a new concept, it has experienced several wave & other;Cold & throughout;, why now industry accepted by the society?Is is the result of technical support and the needs of the society.Such as navigation, now have broadband Internet, mobile Internet platform, data space is large, and so on technical support, these techniques in combination with artificial intelligent algorithm, can provide people with navigation service, realize the function of the optimization of path, to avoid the traffic jam.In addition, the need of society, today’s society that everyone needs to save travel cost, shorten the time of travel, the scene of artificial intelligence and practice are mature.In the intelligent manufacturing the incoming tide, foshan needs to grasp the advantages, play to the initiative.Production side, intelligent equipment and intelligent manufacturing system integration are worth focusing on.Especially the Internet, some of the different industries industry industrial Internet platform is the key of the future investments, such as in view of the advantage industry of foshan ceramic building ceramic industry, the Internet is a good investment.From a product standpoint, three kinds of areas.One is smart cars, domestic intelligence made cars, also called driverless cars.In industrial 4.0 powerhouses Germany, the car is the country’s power is one of the main branches of industry.Industry all think that the auto industry is probably the most is expected to take the lead to industry level of 4.0.Second area is the smart home, China has a huge household products consumer market, intelligent sofa, chair, sanitary ware, who, toilet cover, etc., every family will encounter urgent needs in the future.The third sector is intelligent building, building materials products.Now construction technology such as information model, bring about industrialization and the industrialization trend, become an industry in the future is very promising.In the above three areas, household and building materials industry are the advantages of foshan industry, say there is a need in construction of foshan building materials, there is the place of household have foshan electrical appliances.So in the era of smart, foshan is expected to create new growth momentum, hope the foshan entrepreneurs hold good such a historic opportunity.Three, cultivating talents & manufacturing otherThroughout 2025 & made in China;Need to have a talent.In promoting talent, foshan should pay attention to the diversity of talent, both LingJunXing talent cultivation and introduction of manufacturing industry, also attaches great importance to the talent of senior skilled worker.Earlier, the national level ever against & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Planning has too 10 key talent areas, including nc machine tools, electric power, new materials, aerospace and so on, the prediction of future intelligent manufacturing country could face a talent gap.Foshan can teach fusion methods such as production, filling in the direction of the industry of talent.And foshan also in more subdivided industries to strengthen the introduction and cultivation of future manufacturing personnel.On the surface of the traditional talent such as manufacturing, heat treatment, foshan, pay more attention to have manufacturing and big data at the same time, artificial intelligence and other interdisciplinary background of talents, and adjust the professional design in colleges and universities, make professional can cover composite manufacturing and other fields, improve the mechanism for talent cultivation system.In addition to the talent, the platform is also very important.It is worth noting that the foshan should pay attention to build & other;Hardware & throughout;And & otherSoftware & throughout;The two platforms.On the one hand, foshan should foster more beautiful environment, complete infrastructure, has the comprehensive competitiveness of intelligent manufacturing industrial park, increasing the attractiveness of innovation resources, driving, radiation more peripheral industry development.On the other hand, the current domestic like GE’s Predix, there are few high quality industrial Internet software platform.Foshan leading enterprises can lead to build an open, open of idle equipment, application software interface of intelligent manufacturing software platform, the service enterprise to develop its APP, intelligent manufacturing ecological formation, and the core assets of accumulate more data.In fact, the transformation has been made in foshan for many years.From the reform and open policy in the 1980 s to 2000, foshan has experienced industry of 1.0.This is a process of an undertaking industrial transfer, mainly undertake the industrial transfer of guangzhou, Hong Kong, such as many foshan for guangzhou automobile enterprises in supporting enterprises.From 2000 to 2000, information-based advancing, through the industry and information technology integration, further speed up foshan industrial transformation and upgrading.From 2010 to 2010, foshan into innovation driver stage, have produced a lot of industry 4.0 and Internet related new technologies, new patterns, foshan also seize the opportunity, promote innovation to upgrade.The future of the digital economy era, the heaviest if foshan into a new development idea, innovation, harmonious, green, open and sharing idea, realize the transformation and upgrading of further.(wang wen, a former ministry of industry and information technology, deputy director of the center for international economic and technological cooperation information, e-commerce, director of the institute, industrial, director of the 4.0, director of the institute, ministry of international economic cooperation center industrial economy research institute;Published “industrial 4.0: the last time the industrial revolution, such as books;Now the Beijing stone, vice President of the economic research institute.)(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)