Do common problem and processing technique have tool carrier of numerical control lathe what?

Published on 2019-07-02

Breakdown phenomenon one: Dynamoelectric tool carrier locks up lathe incompactBreakdown reason reachs corresponding processing technique: ① post a letter dish the position was opposite: ? Li  Nai mu does ジ pull ⑿ of  of Kun of ⒌ of    to discharge channel of  of billows extensive boundless and indistinct Mi of T of Duan Huang of channel of  of Zai Jiou Zheng of  of  of  of Nai act stern already lobar extensive deceive? Does system of ② lathe numerical control lock up time to grow: not quite instead? Kun  is low remove this  to go straight towards Ru to ask busy of ㄐ of  pure mulberry Dou Qian to this  goes straight towards Zuo =1.2s can) . : of breakdown of orgnaization of locking of ③ lathe machinery? Li  does  of  of Sao  Kun carry  ⒓ Hu to raft ㄎ Huang  owes Po thing full front of a Chinese gown rare? Breakdown phenomenon 2: Some of dynamoelectric tool carrier knife number turns ceaseless, the others knife OK and rotationalBreakdown reason reachs corresponding processing technique   ① does the suddenly Er component of this knife damage: ? Channel of Duan Huang of Bao of mother of Fei delicacy quiet know well of  of # of Long  brilliant is low Mei of  of  of Tou of Ga of Cheng Xiancong leg paragraph potato lifter of cap of bluff  fierce Qi carries サ of glutinous of lotus root of Mei Duan Huang to be stupefied whether does?24V contact have voltage to change, if invariant, can decide for this Dao Huoer component damages, change post a letter dish or Huoer component② this knife line opens circuit, cause a system to cannot detect reach the designated position signal: ? Is Ling of  of herd of small car of arsine of Pang of lotus root of Duan Huang of Hu last Mei owed assist is  of   hamper punished below Bi to joke aurelian pure umbrella? The knife of ③ system does signal receive circuit to there is problem: ?