Machine tool of Shenyang of recognition of Ma Kai of Vice Prime Minister is Liaoning enterprise add lustre to

Published on 2019-07-02

On November 3 message, the sound that occupies China ” center wide news ” report, exposition of industry of the 17th China International kicks off in Shanghai today. Current project gain can show concentration the country to be versed in 46 intelligence create letter department pilot demonstrative project, it is the State Council is released ” China is made 2025 ” after the strategy, chinese intelligence makes demonstrative application first ” inspect ” . Shenyang machine tool is in this second industry gain popularizes a country to weigh achievement of big special task to the market in the meeting, while Inc. of Shenyang machine tool is enhancing company comprehensive strength, return have the aid of the technical advantage of new and high product, dash forward show brand of Shenyang machine tool. After in Shenyang machine tool total system engineer introduces I5 intelligence machine tool to Vice Prime Minister Ma Kai, the premier says: “Appreciate your effort, liaoning has good company! Liaoning has good company!! Machine tool of visiting Shenyang of Vice Prime Minister Ma Kai exhibits an exposition of China International industry (abbreviation ” Chinese industry gain is met ” ) be develop by the country and stimulative commission of trade of ministry of industry and reform committee, Department of Commerce, informatization ministry, science and technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China International and Shanghai people, annual the Tuesday of a week will come to be held in Shanghai on Saturday in November. Since China is versed in rich can establish from 1999, all previous innovates via developing 16 years, through specializationing, commercialize, internationalization, brand is changed run, already developed become the international industry brand that exhibits manufacturing industry of equipment of allied UFI attestation, China to have force most through international to exhibit, it is platform of collaboration of a when domain of our country industry faces the world important window and classics trade communication. Since 2015, chinese industry gain is met will move division country can exhibit a center (Shanghai) . The country can exhibit a center (Shanghai) be located in area of core of CBD of Shanghai rainbow bridge, border hub of rainbow bridge traffic, it is to look the biggest conference is accumulated to exhibit synthesis above preexistence bound. The design that machine tool of Shenyang of   of product of Shenyang machine tool shows science and technology to weighed platform of SESOL of big special exhibit to enclothe a machine tool, sale, make, safeguard, use, reclaim each phase such as recycle, made ” industry of complete lifecycle of machine tool product serves ” system, internet of have the aid of can use the dominant position on the line, the industry below the line that combines a tradition serves, provide all sorts of industry services such as equipment, knowledge, finance, form complete U2U to serve mode goal. Service of craft of high in the clouds can provide the craft support that is based on Internet and equipment management for the user, the spare parts that the user refers online basis creates cutting tool method, machine program, undertake the treatment of the machine tool is emulated is based on I5Machine tool of intelligence of much money of Shenyang machine tool appears: Machining center of vertical of intelligence of machining center of vertical of intelligence of center of turning of horizontal of intelligence of center of turning of horizontal of intelligence of medium, I5T3, I5T5, I5M1, I5M4 mixes turning of I5T1 intelligence horizontal lathe of Horiturn2680 numerical control.