Of lathe of economy of choose and buy numerical control at 5 oclock note

Published on 2019-07-02

1, the craft demand that pre-construction of lathe of economy numerical control determines typical part, batch that processes work, the function that lathe of protocol numerical control should have is to do good pre-construction, reasonable the structural dimension that the technology that chooses the premise condition of numerical control lathe to satisfy typical spare parts asks the craft requirement of typical spare parts basically is a spare parts, size range of pipe bent and precision requirement. According to precision requirement, namely the control precision that the demand of the dimension precision of workpiece, fixed position precision and exterior surface roughness will come choose numerical control lathe. Will choose according to dependability, dependability is to carry what high yield character is measured and manufacture efficiency to assure. The dependability of numerical control machine tool is to show the machine tool carries out his below rated condition when the function, stability moves and do not give trouble for long. Namely average time to failure is long, although gave trouble, short time internal energy restores, new investment is used. Choice construction is reasonable, make excellent, and already the machine tool that batch manufactures. General, the user is more, the reliability of numerical control system is higher. 2, random accessory, spare parts reachs accessory of lathe of economy numerical control and machine tool of cutting tool choose and buy its supply ability, cutting tool, already was very important for center of lathe of numerical control of put into production, turning to. Choose a machine tool, need to consider the sex of form a complete set of cutting tool and accessory carefully. 3, the product that lathe of economy numerical control pays attention to the oneness that controls a system to produce manufacturer to select same firm commonly, answer at least the choose and buy is same the control system of the manufacturer, this brings huge advantage to maintenance work. Education unit, because need student is experienced and knowledgeable, choose different system, providing all sorts of emulation software is well-advised choice. 4, lathe of economy numerical control chooses to accomplish function, precision according to performance/price ratio not not unused, wasteful, do not want choice and the function that oneself need to have nothing to do. 5, of machine tool of lathe of economy numerical control defend when need, the machine tool can provide whole sealing or unit of bit of the half guard that close, automatic platoon. When choosing center of numerical control lathe, turning, answer to consider each afore-mentioned principles integratedly.