Production equipment of intelligence of Kunming machine tool is special obtain accessorial fund

Published on 2019-07-02

On July 4, 2014 evening, kunming machine tool releases announcement to say, company and limited company of Yunnan CY group assume intelligence to make equipment develop a nation jointly great and special — ” the development that lathe of high-grade numerical control makes digitlization workshop and application set an example ” project, this project is limited company of Yunnan CY group the main component of the base of production of machine tool of high-grade numerical control that in Kunming fleabane Ming Yanglin is versed in division of garden of course of study prepares to establish, workshop area 21440 ㎡, investment three hundred and fifty million three hundred and fifty-seven thousand four hundred yuan, basically use at gaining ground model the production of series of numerical control lathe and series of lathe of tall stiffness numerical control is made. Kunming machine tool basically carries on as the project manufacturer, assumed project content involves amount to be 78 million yuan about – 80 million yuan. This project country drafts accessorial capital 40 million yuan, among them: Machine tool of accessorial manufacturer Kunming 20 million yuan, limited company of Yunnan CY group 20 million yuan.