Lathe of tall rigid numerical control will be in inclined back type put into production of Guizhou red stockaded village

Published on 2019-07-02

Xing Fuxiang group accuses an Inc. of machine of Shan Qiao essence (Taiwan) , production technology and product line move garden of industry of science and technology of Xing Fuxiang of stockaded village of red of chinese mainland Guizhou, establish Guizhou to encourage plane of Fu Xiangshan artful essence limited company, be engaged in numerical control lathe, numerical control establishing the research and development of the car and production.    Promote Fu Xiangren in order to make Chinese Switzerland, let Chinese creation make world standard, implementation promotes Chinese dream of Fu Xiangren!    Henfux founds at going up century 90 time metaphase, all previous swift and violent development via nearly 20 years, spread by an original Xiaoshang, development is become it is a center with Shenzhen, join two sides the omnibus group company of 3 ground. The group is subordinate in all 9 subsidiary, differentiate by the industry set department of trade of 8 important matters: Ministry of inadvertently grinder career, ministry of cylindrical grinder career, high speed bore / ministry of facilities of the engine that attack a tooth, ministry of machining center career, ministry of career of numerical control lathe, machine add career ministry, ministry of Ban gold facilities, cast product career ministry. Each career ministry is dedicated the research and development at specific product and production.    The company introduces international advanced production technology, expand own research and development energetically, cooperate top-ranking equipment and rich machine tool to make experience, in machining center, bore / domain of the machine that attack a tooth, lathe, inadvertently grinder all has product of patent of own research and development, high-end product already achieved international advanced level.    Weigh research and development, heavy market, heavy service, it is to promote Fu Xiang to maintain high speed for years a magic weapon of get the upper hand of of steady progress. Of project of collaboration of school look forward to start the talent that lasts to promote Fu Xiang group to bring to lay in, move the classroom into the workshop, the expert walks into classroom, those who fostered large quantities of theory and practice to have both is practical model talent, make outstanding blue collar base.    Finishing all-around on the foundation of industrial catenary conformity, promoted Fu Xiangchui to ring ” for the dream battle ” bugle, devote oneself to to make Chinese Switzerland, implementation ” let ‘ China is created ‘ make world standard ” great cause.