Reasonable cutting dosage can improve the efficiency of lathe of CNC numerical control

Published on 2018-04-11

Numerical control lathe is a kind of high accuracy, efficient automation machine tool. Deploy multitask knife tower or dynamical knife tower, the machine tool has extensive treatment technical properties, can process linear cylinder, diagonal cylinder, circular arc and the intricate work such as all sorts of whorl, chamfer, worm, have linear interpolation, circular arc interpolation all sorts of compensation functions, produced favorable economic result in the batch production of complex part.    The cutting efficiency of numerical control lathe can be returned the influence of element of organic bed itself by factitious element, environment element. Only reasonable cutting dosage can improve the efficiency of lathe of CNC numerical control. Raise 10 times when cutting speed, feed rate rises 20 times, the cutting that surmounts a tradition far ” forbidden zone ” hind, cutting mechanism produced fundamental change. Its are as a result: The metallic excision rate of unit power rose 30% ~ 40% , cutting force was reduced 30% , the cutting life of cutting tool rose 70% , reduced the heat in metal cutting that stays on workpiece substantially, cutting vibration disappears almost; Cutting machines the leap that produced substaintial sex. At present the case of lathe of CNC numerical control comes the basis look, increase every tine feed, improve productivity and cutting tool life.    The effect that the to numerical control lathe action of cutting tool resembles car of car wheel pair is general. The material of production cutting tool must have very tall high temperature hardness and wearability, tenacity of necessary bending strength, concussion and chemistry are inert, good craft sex (cutting treatment, forging to wait with heat treatment) , be out of shape not easily. Good cutting tool can raise the precision of the workpiece of the efficiency of treatment and cutting.    The element of the others is familiar like power source, operation, with makings is reasonable the treatment that waits for an element to be able to affect numerical control lathe.