Dedicated clinch a deal the machine tool of the quantity is exhibited, the machine tool austral Jinnuoji is exhibited static on March 27 wait for blossom

Published on 2019-07-02

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Exhibition of machine tool of international of the 21st 2018 Jinan will on March 27 – 29 days of v/arc be on the throne at the road austral industry of Jinan city new and high district 28 Jinan international exhibition center is held grandly. Postpone the introduction according to sponsorring square Jinnuohui, current exhibit can exhibit an area 40000 smooth rice, gather together global 500 Yu Jiazhi name postpones business, showpiece an intelligent equipment and tool of more than 400 more than 10000 machine tools swim up and down product, it is Shandong the province is dedicated clinch a deal the machine tool industry of the quantity is exhibited meeting.

Current exhibit meeting theme to be industry strong base make with intelligence, intelligent equipment, automation and system equipment of gold of Ban of machine tool of compositive, numerical control, laser, robot, cutting tool, accessory, measure equipment to be in current exhibit the concentration on the meeting to appear, the corresponding period still will run industry of intelligence of the 21st China International automation is exhibited and drive of motivation of the 21st China International and control technology are exhibited. Ha Si, Ha Ting, friend fine, on hair of Gao Feng, figured woven silk material, ferry, machine tool of Cheng Tai, Yang Sen, Rong De, Shenyang, north is one machine tool, big river bend, Lu Na, country is filled, Suzhou Niu Wei, reveal with the stage.

Turn one’s head 2017, our country industry is shown at the beginning of effect of changeover of new old kinetic energy, industrial production exceeds anticipate pick up, industrial structure is optimized upgrade, enterprise benefit is improved apparently. Look into 2018, global economy will continue get warm again after a cold spell, changeover of new old kinetic energy will quicken our country industry to be advanced to depth, industrial economy will move in reasonable interval stability, industry grows quality to will promote steadily, production 2025” of China of thorough executive “ is inevitable trend.

Shandong regards countrywide equipment manufacturing industry as big province, income of business of battalion of equipment industry owner resides the whole nation firmly the 2nd. 2017, manufacturing industry of Shandong province equipment increases a value to add fast in 10% above. Equipment manufacturing industry increases a value to add fast in 10% above, among them the output of profound treatment product such as machine tool of cutting of metal of hot-rolling thin plate, numerical control, server is added fast all be in 12% above, metallic industry to the downstream and outspread trend in industrial catenary especially apparent.

Current exhibit meet each big firm gathers together, photograph of neat Qi Liang of numerous and most advanced product. Exhibit on the meeting, intelligence is changed, nobody are changed, change a trend to be sent more subtly apparent, efficient and energy-saving become advocate dozen. Of big machine tool rivering bend make MUTUS U3000 intelligence classically the demand such as conformity of high accuracy, will tall tigidity, high-powered, working procedure condenses compound treatment opportunity an organic whole, improve manufacturing efficiency greatly. To solve Chinese industry pain spot, the VF-3-V of vertical machining center of dedicated China market also will appear on American Ha Si Jinan, unique sexual value is compared, demand of user of cogent and contented China, make VF-3-V becomes Hasi to march the another edge tool of Chinese market.

Condense an organic whole, more than at classical

This second exhibit meeting, big machine tool rivering bend carries his to make MUTUS U3000 classically appear on Jinan international exhibition center. Treatment of 5 axes linkage cooperates slideway of linear of roller of high speed, high accuracy, develop advantageous amortize character adequately, make exercise precision taller, bear the weight of stronger, life is longer. Match heat having the specified number to kiss to exchange unit with concept and automatic cutting tool additionally (the machine tool of culminating and compound treatment that ATC) makes MUTUS U3000 becomes the demand agglomeration such as conformity of one paragraph general high accuracy, tall tigidity, high-powered, working procedure to be an organic whole.

The American fellow of dedicated China market, solve Chinese user pain spot

As we have learned, VF-3-V of vertical machining center is Ha Si market of sufficient survey China, brand-new the V-Model series model that roll out, this type has 30hp(22.4kw) vector drive, 8100rpm, coaxial straight drive, rigid tap, note fill a series of characteristics such as cooling system, demand of user of cogent and contented China, hit pain spot of state-owend enterprise industry continuously. Use unique tall sex value to compare, the second kills actual combat function of Tong Chai to gain the favour of Chinese market quickly.

“ China makes ” model- – make excellent, pursuit is outstanding