Series of DHV965 of constant power machinery: Innovation design makes hub treatment simpler

Published on 2018-04-11

Exhibit in the Ning Bo that just ends on, enterprise of a machine tool harvested countless attention, it is Ningbo limited company of constant power machinery (the following abbreviation: ) of constant power machinery. Be subordinate to of constant power machinery belongs to group of Zhejiang Heng Wei, it is the innovation that a major is engaged in research and development of Electromechanical unifinication product, production, sale, service company. This ginseng is exhibited, heng Wei machinery weighs a fist to hit out, carry Jing of product of many machining center to admire appear, and among them blame with DHV965 series most dazzing. Today, small make up the mysterious veil that unveils series of DHV965 of Heng Wei machinery for everybody.

Series of DHV965 of constant power machinery

DHV965 series is Heng Wei kinds mill of high speed of door of mechanical DHV dragon is old fall, the special device that be machined to get used to hub of high strenth aluminium alloy and develops. DHV965 series is divided in all for DHV965-A1, DHV965-A2, DHV965-B1, DHV965-B2 4 products. These 4 products are in size of size range of pipe bent, main shaft, machine tool and special deploy go up to again subtle shift is rectified, great and contented the treatment demand of different hub. Regard hub of an aluminium alloy as the special device of treatment, DHV965 series specific aim is stronger, innovation came true in many sided.

Design: Show originality

Heng Wei uses Electromechanical unifinication structure on whole of mechanical DHV965 series, use three-dimensional design software to undertake optimizing designing, lathe bed construction is more reasonable, tigidity is stronger, treatment performance is more superior. 3 axes use guide screw of ball of class of Taiwan brand C3, two end tighten processing to let precision loss be reduced greatly beforehand. To satisfy big treatment requirement, DHV965 series is improved through the design, deployed the large workbench of 1000×700mm, can add four-axle or revolving stage of 5 axes numerical control at the same time, make hub treatment more convenient. Besides, high strenth is high grade and cast-iron also make Heng Wei mechanical with the application of ageing treatment technology the performance in the DHV965 series treatment in aluminium alloy hub is more superior.

Treatment: Professional and custom-built

The clamping apparatus of mechanical DHV965 series, cutting tool realized Heng Wei custom-built change. On the basis that provides in the standard, DHV965 series still can be added special deploy. Among them DHV965-A1 can deploy car milling special fixture, DHV965-A2 can deploy Kong Zhuan of bus annulus PVD to use clamping apparatus, , DHV965-B1 can deploy bus annulus to come loose the special fixture that heat up aperture, DHV965-B2 can deploy bus annulus special fixture. Specializationed custom-built service allows birth more along with the heart. Be worth what carry is, DHV965-B2 of opportunity of 5 axes treatment can combine two lathe composition is efficient product line, satisfy the treatment requirement of all sorts of hub easily. Send that branch system and the equipment that import core part to also let this series aborning provide stability more.

Production: Choose high gradely

Series of DHV965 of constant power machinery is treatment of aluminium alloy hub special machine, the design of specific aim lets it be behaved in treatment more crackajack. For example is on the design that discharge bits, be aimed at the demand that the metal machines, DHV965 series eliminates bits ability stronger, efficiency is taller. Be in overall on the design, combine the characteristic that hub machines, DHV965 series used firmer Electromechanical unifinication design, in assure to machine stability while rose to machine precision greatly. The machine tool is high grade reflected in a bit detail, DHV965 series is gone after in each fine point excelsior, and the design of specific aim, let it machine production in aluminium alloy hub neuter can be much better.

Series of DHV965 of constant power machinery

Arrive from development design, arrive from production sale, the each place of product of constant power machinery reveals craftsmanship. DHV965 series is Heng Wei the another progress that machinery obtains on private plane production. After DHV965 series, constant power machinery still will develop more have the product of specific aim, let more client enjoy high grade machine tool to serve.

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