2018-2022 year Chinese intelligence production industry forecasts an analysis

Published on 2018-04-11

Influencing factor analysis

One, advantageous element

(One) policy support

In December 2016, industry and informatization ministry were released formally ” intelligence makes development plan (2016-2020 year) ” . ” program ” put forward: Before 2025, advance intelligence to make two paces of executive “ take ” strategy: The first pace: To 2020, base of intelligent production development increases apparently with the ability that prop up, domain of key of traditional manufacturing industry realizes digitlization basically to make, the transition of conditional, key industry intelligence that has a base obtains apparent progress; the 2nd pace, to 2025, intelligence makes the system that prop up be built basically, key industry is preliminary implementation intelligence transition.

In the meantime, ” program ” offerred 10 keys job: It is to accelerate intelligence to make equipment progress, 2 it is to strengthen innovation of technology of pivotal general character, 3 it is system of construction intelligence production standard, 4 it is to build industrial Internet base, 5 it is to increase intelligence to create strength of pilot demonstrative promotion, 6 it is to drive transition of key domain intelligence, 7 it is to promote intelligence of medium and small businesses to change transform, 8 it is to breed intelligence to make zoology system, 9 it is to advance area intelligence to make develop in coordination, 10 it is to make intelligence make talent team.

(2) development potential is great

In last few years, our country manufacturing industry faces the double pressure that labour force and raw material cost rise, the cost advantage of traditional level disappears gradually, the transition extremely urgent of manufacturing industry. Below such environment, the tide arise at the historic moment that intelligence produces, become the growth breach with principal property. New generation IT and manufacturing industry deepness are shirt-sleeve, causing far-reaching industry to change, form pattern of pattern of new producer form, industry, trade and economic point of growth.

Current, our country already had partial area performance is outstanding, the forward position that grows to be made for intelligence. Peaceful city of Zhejiang province sea is to be represented among them, have one of cities that expand latent capacity most as long triangle area, it is certain to in general trends developing with industrial confluence in new generation IT, already was had change foundation. No matter from geographical area, economic base, still be respect of person house environment, reflect a predominant dominant position and capacious development prospect.

(3) A Liyun uses “ of artificial intelligence open new production ”

Offer) of system of artificial intelligence of artificial intelligence ET(for manufacturing industry, the machine that allows a plant and make the product that come out also have ET brain, the ability of general benefit computation that passes communal cloud and program of technology of content couplet net, assist manufacturing industry intelligence to upgrade. This is A Liyun ET in “ the new trend of domain of new production ” , also was on December 15, 2016 a when the 2016 Guangdong that receive an official at benefit city save branch of congress of big data developer and Guangdong of congress of 2016 cloud dwell heavy pound releases a topic for discussion.

Current, a Liyun is building China to make the framework embryonic form of 2025, provide platform of cloud calculative foundation for the enterprise. Be based on the powerful computation capacity that cloud computation brings for the society, artificial intelligence will bring the manufacturing efficiency promotion of 25% for Chinese manufacturing industry, create additional and additional cost 6 trillion. 4 new technologies will make the industry that is a delegate with cloud computation, big data and artificial intelligence the key that Chinese manufacturing industry promotes efficiency.

(4) production standard system is perfected gradually

In August 2016, level of qualitative check total bureau, state appoint, industry and informatization ministry wove jointly jointly with concerned branch ” standardization of equipment manufacturing industry and mass promotion program ” . ” program ” in point out clearly: To 2020, industrial foundation, intelligence is made, green is made wait for standard system to be perfected basically, quality safety standard and international standard are accelerated conform, standard of key domain international is changed rate strive to achieve 90% above; to arrive 2025, the system of standard of equipment manufacturing industry that industry of systematic form a complete set, service crosses bound confluence is basic and sound, the international consequence of standard of equipment manufacturing industry and quality promotes considerably.

What emphasize particularly is: This program is mixed around machine tool of new generation IT, high-grade numerical control equipment of transportation of equipment of robot, aerospace, marine engineering equipment and hi-tech shipping, advanced course, energy-saving with car of new energy resources, electric power equipment, agriculture equips, new material, high-powered medical apparatus and instruments domain of 10 big focal points, raise standardization and mass promotion requirement.

2, adverse element

(One) the market demand that is not tigidity