The enterprise crosses a boundary those the name falls all over the sky however unbeknown machine tool enterprise

Published on 2018-04-11

Some enterprises, because of them advocate course of study and famed world, for instance SamSung group, everybody knows SamSung is enterprise of a mobile phone, but bright however somebody knows SamSung is the group of the industry that cross a state with the biggest Korea, business involves a lot of trade such as electron, finance, aviation, chemistry, connect SamSung of industry of heavy industry, machine tool somewhat sortie.

So, we come today check depending on so like SamSung advocate course of study already the name falls all over the sky, still doing the famous business of machine tool avocation secretly however.

1, Si Ke is amounted to (SKODA)

Si Ke is amounted to (the car brand that SKODA) is famed world, also be one of classical brands of German masses Motor Corporation, total position overcomes Mulada at nimble – Bolaisilafu, it is one of business of 4 cars production with the longest history on the world, found 1895.

But bright somebody knows besides the car, si Ke is amounted to still pursue machine tool trade. They are the business of the biggest boring machine production on the world, boring machine of of all kinds mill is made have more than 3000 on the history, its core business is HCW series numerical control boring machine of mill of heavy-duty be born, 300mm of ~ of 150mm of diameter of boring main shaft, boring main shaft is the largest rotate speed 1500 ~ 3000r/min, advocate transmission power output is in 60 ~ 130kW. The mill boring head of all sorts of types and etc of dynamical accessories head are basic fittings, all own oneself patent. Oneself design the station of numerical control circumgyrate of all sorts of production measure series, can laden the workpiece of 25 ~ 400t.

Si Ke is amounted to also as square as the De Yangdong of our country group, Wuhan is heavy-duty after Ceng Xian the collaboration that machine tool and Qiqihaer have crossing level sex, but because our country is heavy-duty in last few years the rise of the machine tool, sale of Si Ke Da Zaihua begins atrophy.

Nowadays, si Ke amounted to the heavy-duty machine tool of circumjacent to Czech country to undertake be transforminged extensively, had become machine tool of hamster numerical control and old machine tool to transform the main base of face-lifting.

2, Xi Tiecheng

Xi Tiecheng is the world’s well-known wrist watch trademark, with CITIZEN the design that it is a name gave the first his pocket watch 1924, the watch that do wrist turns later, get all the time of the user love. Allegedly Asian head rich Li Jiacheng loves solar energy watch of Xi Tiecheng, he distributes the Xi Tiecheng watch of a 400 dollars fully wore 3 years.

Actually besides watch, the machine tool enterprise that Xi Tiecheng also is tip of one extraction bound. Xi Tiecheng (China) be subordinate to of accurate and mechanical limited company belongs to Xi Tiecheng to control a company of group subordinate backbone Inc. of Gong Ye of machine of Xi Tiecheng essence, by machine of Japanese Xi Tiecheng essence company limited 100% contributive the subsidiary that creates in China, the high accuracy that carries sacrificial vessel to tall sex price is compared for Chinese market only, tall productivity reachs his to serve from motor-car bed.

On April 1, 2015, palace of machine of Xi Tiecheng essence is wild more the name is machine of Xi Tiecheng essence. CNC of function of efficiency of the freeboard precision that company main production and sale have technology of current world sophisticated science and technology, freeboard, freeboard is straight-cut the numerical control machine tool such as the center. The treatment that the product uses extensively at equipment of car, medical treatment, communication, accurate machinery, home appliance to wait for crucial precision spare parts.

3, division force

Division force is the leading sheep of industry of homebred air conditioning, still be engaged in all sorts of home appliance at the same time kind the production of the product is made, for instance freezer, television. Through development of 33 years, division force became Zhuhai city scale is the at present largest, one of industry groups with the most powerful actual strength, formed industry, estate, petrifaction 3 big board piece the pattern that develops integratedly.

2015, president of division power electric equipment holds president Dong Mingzhu concurrently to put forward the numerical control machine tool that division force wants him research and development. Division force enters intelligent equipment to create a field with the attitude of forerunner, own research and development, study the core technique of numerical control machine tool.

In June 2017, machine tool of numerical control of first of division force 5 axes is own research and development is successful.

Besides, division force returns domain of sortie industry robot, established limited company of robot of Zhuhai division force 2017, its are much Jing of paragraph robot product is colourful appear on Shanghai to be versed in rich is met.

4, 5 grain fluid