Made in hong-ping xu: development of smart need the return of the spirit

Published on 2018-04-10

At present, as a new generation of information technology high speed development, global manufacturing industry is moving toward & other;Intelligent & throughout;The direction of the transformation and upgrading.Whether it is a comprehensive layout & other;4.0 throughout & industry;Germany, & other;Industry throughout the Internet &;Concept of the United States or China is carrying out & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;, & other;Intelligent manufacturing & throughout;The core elements.& other;The key to transformation and upgrading of manufacturing in & lsquo;Intelligent manufacturing & rsquo;So as to promote & lsquo;Intelligent manufacturing & rsquo;The key to development lies in the development of science and technology and the transformation of the industry, such as identification technology, sensor technology, industrial control software technology;Communication technology, robot technology application;Cloud computing (database), big data, and the application of Internet of things, more from a country and a nation’s & lsquo;Spirit & rsquo;.Throughout the &;Recently, party secretary of hangzhou xiaoshan technician institute hong-ping xu said in an interview with news that the Chinese manufacturing industry to & other;Intelligent manufacturing & throughout;Transformation in the process of development, cannot leave to artisan spirit technical force, skilled industry but China is now very lack of such talent.Hong-ping xu pointed out that this is the influence of the environment, and there’s a small bottleneck restriction, the army and the Chinese industry status declining, is one of the important reasons lead to this phenomenon occurs.Social development under the wave of its workforce & other;Pain & throughout;And the army of China industry status is not high contrast, after the founding of the people for a long time, the & in the manufacturing industry workforce are many human eyes otherThe bestselling & throughout;.It is reported that before the 20th century Chinese state-owned enterprise restructuring wave, high social status of workers, has been described as & other;Workers in big brother & throughout;, changing the fitter, advanced industrial workers salary is higher than the factory director is very common.At the time, into the state giants become industrial workers, get a fixed labor relations & other;Iron rice bowl & throughout;, many university graduates is preferred.& other;Cadres of all hope children can become a good senior industrial workers.College students will choose to state giants, few select organs units and institutions.Throughout the &;Hong-ping xu recalls, college students to state giants after 8 master can bow respectfully.At that time, college students want to become a excellent designers, technicians, exercise need to start from the grassroots, to master learning, to do the pliers, vehicles, milling, planing, milling, casting, forging, welding, etc., to be familiar with the equipment, familiar with process, familiar with the process.At the time of the people, there is no line experience and foundation, is to do bad technology and design.However, with the deepening of the reform and opening up, it’s all in changing, the development of The Times and change brought industrial workers & other;Pain & throughout;And the value orientation of college graduates employment & other;The horse & throughout;.Make the conversion of the state-owned enterprises & other;Lifetime employment & throughout;Gradually transformed into & other;Market employment contract & throughout;, used to make many people admire & otherIron rice bowl & throughout;No longer exists, rapid decline in industrial worker status.Would you like to go to learn a line to the industry experience of groundwork to fewer and fewer young people, salary is difficult to ascend, factory work environment did not improve problems restrict the normal development of the manufacturing, transformation and upgrading is also more difficult.Resource & other tilt behind the scales;Identity & throughout;If missing time brought by the wave of development & other;Pain & throughout;Let its workforce social status is missing, then the resulting & other;Identity & throughout;Missing is its workforce’s status return becomes difficult.Over the past 30 years, the manufacturing industry as a pillar industry of China economy, driven by China’s rapid economic growth.But as the science and technology promote the development of the society, as a manufacturing the cornerstone of the balance of labor resources and knowledge resources tilt.A higher educational level young people are more willing to choose white-collar types of work, blue-collar workers under the profession and even become more and more young people have no alternative choice.During this period, farmers become the main source of industrial workers, it also makes difficult to effectively promote industrial workers’ qualities.According to the first half of 2017, China youth newspaper social survey center joint network questionnaire survey of 2015 respondents showed that 55.2% of respondents said technical workers face the plight of social recognition is not high.& other;Under such a vicious circle for a long time, workers professional not recognized more and more.Throughout the &;Hong-ping xu said the children of parents don’t want to go to also don’t want to be a worker when workers, young man, even a lot of training of skilled workers vocational and technical colleges are think inferiority of talent cultivation.Hong-ping xu also told the news agency, now a lot of college students to the factory want to directly into the office after work, although a large amount of theoretical knowledge in school, but the lack of a line of practical experience, this is the current enterprise refuses to accept the root cause of the general college graduates employment.In hong-ping xu’s view, the current domestic workers social status is not high, poor working conditions, there exist deviations in understanding people for workers professional, and many other factors, led to today’s young people don’t want to be a worker.Don’t solve the bottleneck factor, & other;Spirit & throughout;Will be difficult to return to China’s manufacturing industry.& other;Spirit & throughout;Return to, from the perspective of the education today, as & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;In-depth implementation, & other;Intelligent manufacturing & throughout;New technology constantly emerging, manufacturing enterprises, greatly increasing demand for high level of technical workers.Meanwhile, the government has been released to reshape the workers social status signals.Central comprehensively deepen reform leading group 32 meeting more deliberation by the “industrial workers team construction reform in the new period”.Hope that through institutional innovation mechanism, improve the quality of the industrial workers, the smooth development of channel, in accordance with the law, safeguard rights and interests.Building a have ideal keep faith, understand the technology innovation, dare to bear devotion of the grand army of the industry.Then, as & other;Made in China & throughout;Quality of the master, vitality and social status of workers how to restore?This hong-ping xu also have their own original ideas., he argues, digital, intelligent, man-machine, the internationalization of the industry development trend puts forward new requirements to the talent training, to raise the integration, human-computer interaction, knowledge integration and composite technology, international vision, innovation, instant demand will be rapid growth.To solve these problems, first of all, to start from the aspects of education teaching, only talent training goal, structure and pattern changed radically, accomplishes a conform to The Times require, matching & other;Intelligent manufacturing & throughout;Of high quality technical force, to make the society as a whole understanding of technical workers get fundamental change, eventually make & other;Spirit & throughout;In & other;Intelligent manufacturing & throughout;In & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;The implementation of the play an irreplaceable role.Not with colored glasses to see vocational education and vocational and technical school students.Hong-ping xu thinks, whether it is a vocational education or general education, its essence is to cultivate talent, the difference is only producing the talent to adapt to different positions.In fact vocational and technical education according to different training level, professional type of work is different from the high-end, midrange and low-end.Because the professional, on culture, mode, teachers, students, equipment, funds, base, platform, and so on various different elements required in education.Training level is different, the same culture, mode, teachers, students, equipment, funds, base, platform, and so on various different elements required in education.High-end technology education than ordinary education.Hong-ping xu said the vocational and technical education professional must dock with the industry, professional course content must be docking with the professional qualification standards, teaching process must be docking with the production process, graduation certificate to dock with the professional qualification certificate, to the lifelong learning, vocational education must also.Only in this way can make & other;The trinity & throughout;, that is, personal character noble well-connected people, solid professional theoretical foundation, professional skills superb skills.So after a gleam of exercise, they will be able to become the backbone of the manufacturing industry, supporting the future of China’s manufacturing industry.He also pointed out that & other;If there is no matching culture idea, cultural system, cultural environment, cultural activities and cultural atmosphere, & lsquo;Spirit & rsquo;Can only talk about soldiers.Throughout the &;China passed by the western countries with more than 30 years of time, one hundred years of industrial process, and to from a manufacturer into a manufacturing powerhouse.And an energetic innovation in China, manufacturing power, cannot leave the fantastical & other;Innovation & throughout;, also need to be down-to-earth & other;Customers-want & throughout;.Make & other;Workers in big brother & throughout;To regain the vigor, make & other;Spirit & throughout;Return to modern China, the road of China’s manufacturing power, will go more faster.(the original title: hong-ping xu: development & other;Intelligent manufacturing & throughout;Need & other;Spirit & throughout;The return of) (source: Beijing)