Concept of the Japanese machine tool order record I have seen

Published on 2018-03-27

January 15, Japanese industrial association published data, Japan in 2017, the year of the machine tool orders (speed) rose 31.6%, to 1.645516 trillion yen.Among them, Chinese demand accounted for 1.01 trillion yen, compared with the same jumped 41.2% last year.Has hit a record high of more than 2007 years, 10 years to refresh the record again, jumped to an all-time high order to Japan to China machine tool.Why the day all of a sudden surge in so many orders, is it because the domestic machine tool industry production capacity is insufficient, lead to seek machine tool products abroad?The answer is clearly not.A few years ago, in fact, China has surpassed Japan, became the world’s first machine producer.In 2012, 28 major machine tool production countries and regions of the world machine tools to reach $94.34 billion in gross domestic product (GDP);Among them, China machine tool output value reached 27.54 billion yuan, accounting for 28 major machine tool production countries and regions of the world 29.19% of the total output value, ranking as the world’s first.Strangely, it is one of the world’s largest producer of machine tool, but not enough to supply the domestic machine tool market demand problems.The cause of the geometry?A, industrial upgrading and the development of new manufacturing industry institute of Japan in the report mentioned: recovery for the Japanese machine tool demand in China, the main reason is that Chinese enterprises is undergoing a new upgrade.New upgrade here refers to the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment and at the present stage in China.Over the past year, because of weak domestic demand, excess capacity and other reasons, the domestic machine tool enterprises have to face the new pattern of the industry transformation and upgrading, low-end manufacturing companies are trying to from the low technology content, low innovation climbed out of the mud, improve the level of manufacturing, high-end market.The transformation and upgrading of which nature is little not high-end machine tools help, not high-end machine tool will not be able to produce high precision, high technology products, no can talk to upgrade the product.China as the world’s largest producer of machine tool, the lack of, or the most weak link is the high-end machine tool industry.China’s high-end machine tool industry is facing innovation ability is not strong, low efficiency, the informationization degree is insufficient;For the new products, new technology research and development investment insufficient;New function using enough programming technology;Advanced tooling application access, tooling design, and many other problems.On the other hand, in the backdrop of the global malaise, China’s emerging manufacturing industry development is rapid, the automobile, such as robots, mobile phone industry is developing rapidly.And high-speed development of industry put forward higher requirements.Industrial robots, for example, due to the hot nearly two years of intelligent manufacturing, domestic industrial robot industry developing rapidly.On the industrial robot orders, according to the Japan robot association statistics, Japan robot exports to China in the two quarters of this year is up 33.2%, reached a record high of 176.5 billion yen (about 10.4 billion yuan).And the mobile phone industry, domestic handset’s growing prosperity also puts forward higher requirements on the machine tool industry.Full screen, curved screen, metal frames, ceramic border, more and more exquisite technology leads to more and more needs of high-end machining tools.Family but fortunately, shenyang machine tool and laser, as the representative of China machine tool and laser industry, points to a few in the rise of the mobile phone industry.Second, the dilemma in the machine tool industry itself, about the order, talk about business problems.Markets are cruel, must abide by the law of evolution of.Excellent left, inferior will be eliminated.Machine tool industry.Most of the domestic machine tool enterprises are now in an awkward situation & ndash;& ndash;& other;High inadequate, low not.Throughout the &;Technology, innovation and so on various aspects of unable to support its among the high-end market, and the original natural foundation but also have a special place in the low-end market, and not completely eliminated by the market.In the high-end market competition, domestic machine tool directly facing the world’s most advanced machine tools and technology, the industry’s top competition Germany, Japan and other developed countries, such as Germany, maggie, fast and mazar-e-sharif grams, makino, mitsubishi heavy industries, such as machine tool industry giant.Machine tool accuracy, performance of these companies are the best in the world, domestic machine tool in these areas do not take any advantage.But these high-end machine price is equally unacceptable, at several million, for low-end manufacturing enterprise, cannot afford to such a high price of machine tools.So the low-end market has been the main domestic machine tool.There are, however, is not so easy, mid-range have competition, India, Taiwan and other southeast Asian region.Such as Taiwan, has the friend jia, dongtai, taichung machine, the machine tool enterprises, they are both inland strong competitors, machine tool enterprises throughout the year in 2016, Taiwan imported CNC lathe source in mainland China, the number of listed first;The amount column.The average unit price for the mainland China import CNC lathe 55% of the average unit price.Although the tiger was circled, competition is intense, but there is a little happy, in the domestic the market still has a lot to a belong to the domestic machine tool, and more and more domestic manufacturing plants began to use domestic machine tool.Three, Suggestions for broken a little bit embarrassing we feel & ndash;& ndash;China’s manufacturing industry recovery and recovery, the first to benefit was Japan machine tools.But anyway, it is more like a warning to us, really need to high-end domestic machine tool.Or you will empty, to swallow.1, innovation: today’s numerical control machine tool industry to promote the competitiveness of the industry, wide market, needs to be on the route of high-end development.And innovation is the most fundamental driving force, machine tool industry development to rise of the technical level of the nc machine tools industry, the need to focus on innovation platform construction.About innovation in our country and otherHigh-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment & throughout;Major projects of science and technology conference, deputy director general of the ministry of industry and information technology equipment industry division jun-jie luo mentioned & other;Nc machine tools to whole breakthrough should continue to take advantage of the innovation with Chinese characteristics, focus on all sorts of innovation resources, promoting continuously, for a long time for work.Throughout the &;2, time: we need to process, machine design, system development, technological process, technological development, need to process.The machine tool industry of developed countries history for nearly one century, China’s machine tool industry started slow, but developing rapidly.Headed by shenyang machine tool machine tool companies already have their own operating system and the intelligent machine, although accuracy than on top of the company’s top product, but also has not far from.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)