Laser welding will be the next focus on the development of laser industry

Published on 2019-07-02

In recent years, laser welding machine, as a kind of high quality, high precision, low distortion, high efficiency and high speed welding equipment, is becoming the important tool of metal materials processing and manufacturing, more and more widely used in automobile manufacturing and other fields.Laser welding is a high intensity of laser radiation to the surface of metal, with a laser interaction with metal, metal absorption laser is converted into heat energy to make metal melt cooling crystallization after welding.This kind of welding method is not only a high degree of automation, welding speed, but also can be more convenient for any complex shape of welding.At present domestic production of laser welding machine of the larger companies have engaged in family Chinese laborers laser, laser, laser laser, macro laser, etc., especially in the past two years, with the improving of the laser technology, more and more enterprises start to laser welding and laser cutting, and other fields, time presents the development of flowers posture.Although compared with the conventional welding method, laser welding machine is expensive, one-time investment is larger, the technical requirements are high, the current application in the industry in our country are limited, but high efficiency and easy to realize automatic control and other significant features make it very suitable for mass production lines and flexible manufacturing.Traditional welding of the high power laser welding machine due to the laser focus spot small laser beam, high power density, can be welding some high melting point, high strength alloy material.And because the laser welding heat affected zone small, material deformation is small, with no subsequent working procedure.In use process, laser beam direction, focus, easily realize the direction transformation, and laser welding high production efficiency, quality stable and reliable, and good economic benefit and social benefit.The advantages to make more and more companies began to use laser welding machine to replace the traditional welding.Traditional welding method takes a long, low efficiency, so in the mid – 1980 – s, laser welding as a new technology in Europe, America, Japan has been widely concerned.But to speak of the laser welding of the development of our country, and from 2002 to start.On October 25, 2002, China’s first professional commercial laser tailor-welded board production line put into operation, by wuhan thyssenkrupp in laser tailor-welded from Germany thyssenkrupp group TWB company introduction.Since Shanghai baosteel arcelor laser tailor-welded company, faw treasure friends laser tailor-welded co., LTD., etc have been put into production.2003 provided by Chinese laborers laser domestic first large strip welding equipment on-line acceptance by off-line.The device combines laser cutting, welding and heat treatment in one, to make our Chinese laborers laser fourth in the world can produce such equipment.Laser welding and laser marking, cutting is different, its biggest characteristic is customized.Laser marking and laser cutting machine can produce mass and mass of the product, but the welding is very difficult to do this, because to each customer’s demand, make it difficult to do mass production in the laser welding.But with the advent of the Internet and individualized demand, small and medium-sized systems integrators of geometric and automation company growth, followed by more and more demands for the application of laser welding, the situation will change nature.Laser marking has accounted for more than half the laser processing market.But from 2016 the development of laser industry, laser cutting machine market erupted, cutting application began to spread.In exhibitions at home and abroad, can see obviously that more and more laser enterprises gradually occupy a larger share in the laser mark after the rise of sell like hot cakes and laser cutting, believe that the laser welding will be the next flashpoint in the field of laser.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)