The development of intelligent manufacturing is popular machine tools industry prospects?

Published on 2018-03-27

Intelligent manufacturing, China is also experiencing from the manufacturer to manufacture power transformation and upgrading of pain.Although many manufacturing enterprises face barriers in the transformation and upgrading, but for the manufacturing sector as a whole, only vigorously promote the technology level of manufacturing industry, to make made in China on the world stage has more strong voice.In & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;, now the numerical control machine tools, industrial robots and the development of 3 d printing is present a steadily rising trend.Today let’s talk about the three industry development prospects.Said the core part of the development of manufacturing industry, the author thinks that to the machine tool.As industrial machine tools, machine tools in manufacturing occupied dominant position can not be replaced in a short period of time, in the metal processing industry, the key factor in determining the quality of products is still & other;Machine tool & throughout;Only the quality of the machine tool and improve technical content, the overall strength of manufacturing to the next level.In 2017, manufacturing is one of the most talked-about & other;Robot & throughout;For manufacturing, robot already is not a strange thing, but why in 2017 became a & other;Hot words & throughout;?At the end of the day, but also from the development of Chinese manufacturing environment.Along with the disappearance of demographic dividend, and labor costs rise, more and more enterprises choose to purchase industrial robot to replace artificial, reduce the enterprise production cost.Some time ago we an article about technical workers “why a lot of people don’t want to be technical workers? Listen to what net friend says,” the majority of Internet users caused a heated debate.As a result of this paper described a variety of reasons (in which the author is differ a list), causes our country skilled workers, the possibility of a & other;Throughout a period &;In the case.Not only artificial shortages, China’s manufacturing industry long-term competition also has not been changed, the low level of social total demand lead to market competition heats up, & other;To be or not to be & throughout;Become each enterprise is unable to avoid serious option.Under this situation, improve the production efficiency, reduce production costs, become the new pressing needs, & other;Robot & throughout;Naturally becomes a means of competition.& other;Robot & throughout;Hot, with the gradually development of automated artificial and tend to be insipid, when the degree of automation production reached a certain scale, people will look to lock in the machine tool industry again, because the only machine tool manufacturing level manufacturing powerhouse, the corresponding machine tool of the upstream and downstream industry can get a better development.Say that finish machine tools and robots, and then to talk about 3 d printing.Although 3 d printing technology is in recent years, fire up the means of processing, but its development is not short, so to speak.Suddenly fire up again, because Europe and the United States on the 3 d printing technology had great progress, and have made great progress in practical processing.Although so far, still can be classified as 3 d printing is a new thing, so also must follow the pace of development of new things that the early development is slow, but once you have made a breakthrough in technology, the situation will quickly opened.The current restriction is the key element of a 3 d printing materials, and with the breakthrough of material technology, 3 d printing will play incalculable power, largely manufacturing pattern.In 3 d printing technology in China and abroad there is a big gap, can only hope that the domestic top researchers can have greater breakthrough in the field of materials science.To sum up, intelligent manufacture in our country, there is still a long way to go, but anyway, this road is sure to go, not only good to go, have to go beautiful, let all & otherMade in China & throughout;Have become a remarkable work.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)