Zhongke fine feeling held a kick-off meeting for intellectual property rights, jitc work

Published on 2019-07-02

On January 17, 2018, division of pure feeling smart (Beijing) technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “&” otherZhongke fine feeling throughout the &;)A “standard of enterprise intellectual property management”, jitc a kick-off meeting for work.To participate in this can have zhongke fine feeling hong-bing liu, general manager and each department head, Beijing miyun area JingShan section chief, Beijing science and technology commission yun-dimensional tutor Yang liping of intellectual property agency co., LTD.The meeting shall be presided over by management representative meterchen.Zhongke jing is the feeling of a nanoscale manufacturing and processing technology as the core, to provide the core technology support to national high-tech strategic layout, micro\/nano manufacturing system to serve the domestic high-end manufacturing, guarantee conditions and system solutions for vertical industry precision and super precision of product research and development and manufacturing enterprises.For many years, the division of pure feeling follow & other;Based on the theory, collaborative research, technological breakthroughs, user authentication & throughout;Overall train of thought, around the domestic and international market demand for precision\/the size of the ultra precision machine tools, to carry out basic key features of batch manufacturing technology research and precision and super precision equipment development, focus on key features and structure design of processing units, process optimization, manufacturing technology and so on carries on the system research and development, market demand for precision and super precision equipment support provide key features, and according to the needs of users, production chain to form a complete manufacturing process.Years of development gives the zhongke fine sense of exquisite production management experience, the development of precision optical machine has high efficiency, high precision, high stability, high speed, etc.Carrying Chinese generations to engage in nano manufacturing technology, precision optics, precision machinery equipment design research and development of talents in science and technology in the field of hope, more than a decade & other;Sea PuChao essence & throughout;The brand has been known by many customers at home and abroad and the application.With independent research and development, division of pure feeling sprang from the red sea of machine tools, innovative interpretation of China’s smart & other;Originality spirit & throughout;.Obviously, as well-known optical machine tool manufacturer in China, as China’s machine tool market of instituting, zhongke fine sense undoubtedly depressed his deep footprints in this industry.Zhongke fine feeling hong-bing liu, general manager at the launch meeting, division of pure feeling hong-bing liu, general manager, said: & other;Division is the feeling of pure mainly will be subject to research and development and the technology of dry new technology enterprise, the company attaches great importance to intellectual property rights protection work, pay close attention to how to maintain and protect the patent, such problems as how to create high value for patent, hope that through the standards on the implementation of enterprise intellectual property management, to establish a set of company’s intellectual property management system, improve the staff’s intellectual property rights, the intellectual property management of the company a step & throughout;.Hong-bing liu appointed a management representative at the meeting, and puts forward requirements for each department, he said, the company departments to actively cooperate with the coordination, shall be the responsibility of the personnel, to ensure the company jitc work smoothly.The meeting yun-dimensional Beijing intellectual property agency co., LTD., tutor Yang liping at the start of “standard of enterprise intellectual property management” (hereinafter referred to as & otherThroughout the specification &;)Makes a detailed interpretation, this paper introduces the specification of the background, implementation, construction requirements, process, and the parts to the measures, and combined with the vast majority of cases, to fine feeling in the intellectual property management of risk and how to avoid risks, the purpose of enterprises to establish intellectual property management system is introduced, the necessity and important significance.Through the establishment of intellectual property management system, the division of pure feeling can effectively avoid the enterprise intellectual property risk in actual operation, the strengthened enterprise in the creation, utilization and management of intellectual property rights and protection, make the enterprise intellectual property work to a new height, strive for the enterprise technical system in domestic the most complete and most competitive nanoscale technology research and development and processing manufacturing platform.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)