Jinan 2 machine back to geely automobile suppliers in excellence title

Published on 2018-03-27

On March 17, & other;Geely automobile suppliers throughout the conference & 2018;Held in sanya, hainan, jinan second machine tool back to geely automobile & other;Outstanding supplier & throughout;Great honor.Over the years, jinan second machine tool has been linked to geely automobile has a long-term strategic cooperation basis, geely group in 1999 the first press line for beilun base, opens the cooperation process.Subsequently, jinan second machine press line throughout geely automobile production base across the country, including the chunxiao base, taizhou linhai base, hunan base, the base, base of zhangjiakou, guiyang new energy base, base for Volvo, chengdu, hangzhou, Volvo daqing base, etc.We have learned, & other;Excellence award & throughout;Is geely automotive suppliers awarded the highest prize.Jinan 2 machine tools emerge from more than 520 suppliers, is the only one domestic award-winning suppliers, jinan second machine tool which is the second time.So far, jinan second machine tool for geely automobile provides more than 30 large stamping production lines, 154 sets of different specifications of stamping equipment, including continuous line J – Robot arm lines, robots, servo wire products, such as different models for geely automobile development provide personalized custom services, for Chinese brands to enter the world of high-end market, contribute the realizing dreams Chinese auto power.According to introducing, jinan second machine tool J – Robot implements from the line first, host to the line end completely independent research and development, stamping beats from 15 to 18 times per minute, and the efficiency increased by 20%, can meet the automobile steel plate, Gao Jiangban, aluminum plate, splice plate punching, to meet the needs of the development of the automotive lightweighting.Dhi 2 achieved from the hosts to the entire automation press line solution breakthrough, greatly improving the core competitiveness.In recent years, jinan second machine tool to strengthen the two application integration, and improve the manufacturing capability, realize information, intelligent manufacturing system upgrade, combining the reality of production and operation, on the basis of ERP application, established the intelligent manufacturing plants, integrated PLM, ERP and DNC system, through the lifecycle of the product data link, integrates the design, process, production and manufacturing collaborative applications.Through credit card machine operators login system, accept work tasks, browsing the electronic drawings, process, processing task conduct self-inspection, submitted to the Labour;Electronic visual display when BanShi workshop production situation, electronically, streamline, transparency, paperless application, in a single small batch and many varieties and discrete in the enterprise in the domestic leading level.Along with our country automobile industry development trend of steady rise, geely automobile’s development is becoming more and more smooth, not only owns rich cars sell well in the market, at the same time has to buy Volvo, a stake in Daimler international top brands, such as rising international influence, the cooperation with jinan second machine tool has been strengthened.In 2018, jinan second machine tool will continue to improve product technical performance and reliability, and users work together, create a higher value.(this article source machinery expo, this small make up finishing) (provided by China’s machine tool business, this paper use this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)