Makino machine power transformation and upgrading of deco precision mold manufacturing to achieve success

Published on 2018-03-27

In recent years, up a new force in the mold industry, and an important part in the field of precision mould force of the coma & ndash;& ndash;Is located in yuyao and huangyan, ninghai town cluster with more than 500 professional mould manufacturer, has mold processing workshop more than 2000.& other;With local enterprise management’s perception of the market, and the understanding of precision mould, you can see the ninghai mold companies toward & lsquo;Advanced & rsquo;Direction, and even some use cheap machine for outsourcing suppliers also use like MAKINO MAKINO exquisite high precision processing equipment.Throughout the &;Ningbo deco precision molding co., LTD., executive vice President, Mr Yin Lixing in chat to ninghai, said local mold industry development.Ningbo deco precision molding co., LTD., executive vice President Yin Lixing successful transition from the initial coarse mold processing precision mold manufacturing, ningbo deco precision is generally regarded as an epitome of local mold industry development.Precision machining transformation towards the first step to success in ningbo deco precision molding co., LTD., is officially in 2007, the business from coarse to precision mold manufacturing mold processing, major directions and will focus on the zinc alloy mold, precision mold and auto parts.Determines the basic direction, the next step is to determine the appropriate precision processing equipment.At first, deco has also tried a variety of processing equipment, high-speed processing machine, discharge machine, wire cutting machine and so on.But with the expansion of the scope of business, deco soon lost in processing bottleneck period.Machine efficiency, accuracy and stability, and even machine range limit and so on all the company must find a more suitable processing equipment as soon as possible.In 2011, the first makino in deco V33i high precision vertical machining center, will take & other;Finishing & throughout;, including automotive air-conditioning outlet blade, instrument panel, door handle particularly high accuracy requirement of the final finishing in auto parts.& other;After using makino machine, originally need 5 ~ 6 days of mold fitting time greatly shortened.Not only because of the overall processing speed has improved, on the other hand, mold fitting in the past, you also need to constantly shuttling between machine – testing equipment for testing, do not accord with the need to rework, we now on each makino machine is added with the on-line detection device, the machine can automatically detect segment, and other information.Throughout the &;Total yoon said with satisfaction.According to introducing, makino V33i high precision vertical machining center for micron level of precision molds and precision components of high precision processing, machine equipped with can give full play to the performance of machine tool control device of expert system, it can work according to the optimization of machine tool processing conditions, even in the condition of high speed machine tool operation, still can keep the precision machining surface quality and shape, also can greatly improve the machining efficiency.In addition, customers can also according to the actual demand update device equipped with automatic tool change device, automatic workpiece, tool automatic measuring devices, etc.Equipment synergies to open the development of a new situation as we have learned, in the mold processing industry, can do car lock zinc alloy mold enterprise is not much, while deco in the field like a duck to water.& other;Compared with other mould processing, its carved craft is different, particularly high dimension accuracy requirement also.A product may have hundreds of size, the design, processing control demanding to early.Throughout the &;In total yoon’s view, the company can in a vertical industry are flawed, and subsequently bought makino EDGE2 spark machine, EDGE3 V33iGr spark machine and graphite machining center, these devices to produce synergies will surely for deco opened a new situation in terms of precision mold processing.Benefit from makino EDGE3 precision spark machine in the field of discharge, rich experience in the field of graphite processing.Deco also gradually withdrew their need outsourcing discharge processing business.& other;On the one hand, with the increase of equipment, our overall processing capacity has significant improvement.After using graphite instead of copper electrode, on the other hand, greatly accelerate the discharge efficiency, processing speed, also can realize the complex geometric shapes.Throughout the &;Yin always recalls.As graphite processing expert, makino V33iGr graphite machining center can achieve high accuracy, high speed, feed device equipped with advanced control technology and the high-speed spindle, the process is perfect, just a very short time can be finished in high quality graphite electrode, moreover also can simplify the edm electrode treatment before the project.Always say, yoon & other;If someone to consultation, the first thing I would recommend makino graphite processing machine tool.In the future, after all, who can in the shortest possible time to complete the mold production, who can win customers, win the market.Throughout the &;At present, in the CNC production workshop of deco, remove thick, light and so on in business by outsourcing processing, the electrodes and the cavities inside the factory of processing is completed.According to understand, makino machine tool in processing value accounts for 90% of them could say that core values are by makino.And makino in electro discharge machining equipment, complete, all the mass production for up to 100%.In the future, intelligence and precision are anticipated in continuously consolidate processing power at the same time, deco and closely in line with industry development trend.According to the total yoon, & other;Last year we began to focus on development of intelligent manufacturing & ndash;& ndash;By barcode recognition electrode, fixture, etc., realize the goal of less unmanned, humanization, as far as possible, even so we also changed some processing technology.Throughout the &;In total yoon’s view, is the trend of the future of the intelligent manufacture, such as remove the electrodes at the same time, the complete discharge and three coordinates testing.If the space is enough, plus with a robot can do fully automated.& other;In fact, we have cooperation with many automation company, so we want the system openness is very important to want to try the intelligent automation companies.Matching, in other words, the future development trend is also a reason we choose makino.Throughout the &;In the near future, perhaps you can see, in the corner of ninghai, a advanced mould intelligent processing factory, from CNC machining by EDM, and three coordinates testing, only busy robot, real unmanned machining start here.& other;Software, production control plan, automatic production scheduling & hellip;& hellip;No longer just a simple automation production, but you can via mobile devices anytime and anywhere can clearly understand the production schedule, the processing quality of intelligent manufacturing.Throughout the &;Let’s hope.(the original title: makino machine power deco precision mould manufacturing to achieve successful transformation and upgrading) (source: makino machine tools)