Mid-Autumn National Day reunions AnYuBang machinery for the customers to send blessings

Published on 2018-03-27

August 15 osmanthus fragrance, during a full moon festival Mid-Autumn festival.On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn festival, suzhou AnYuBang machinery co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “& other;Throughout AnYuBang mechanical &;)All the staff wish the new and old customers happy Mid-Autumn festival, a happy family.AnYuBang machinery products are superior in quality, advanced technology, will help the customers to get better in the days ahead of the company’s performance.AnYuBang machinery is a focus on high-end’t mouth gantry CNC machine tools milling head, power head, and its related nc rotary table machine components of the enterprise.Company’s products cover a right-angle milling head, universal milling head, milling power head, nc indexing plate, nc rotary table (four axis machining center, five axis), nc rotary table, pneumatic lock knife, ball screw, etc are widely used in aerospace, machine tool manufacturing and heavy industry sectors such as machine tools transformation.With the steady development of the domestic machine tool technology and the acceleration of the Internet popularization, & other;Internet + manufacturing & throughout;Has become the new normal manufacturing development.For better suited to the market development, in the Internet age, winning advantage AnYuBang mechanical understand wine is also afraid of deep alley, in addition to do our best make product, promotion is also essential.In recent years, AnYuBang machinery is not only successful in terms of quality of the product, has the Internet propaganda, business affairs of machine carried on the thorough cooperation with China, not only is widely collected many customer case.Kunshan heavy right-angle milling head cixin qiu – yun processing field flowers, butterfly leaf from practice over and over.Autumn harvest autumn scenery beautiful, four seasons to autumn a good time.Another year the Mid-Autumn festival, in the past few years, AnYuBang products research and development of machinery and machine tool components, embrace modest attitude and lofty ideal, only able to provide more excellent products, machine tool industry for rapid development of China’s machine tool industry.AnYuBang machinery on product research and development and production, has been strict with each procedure, trial and error, again and again again and again the upgrade.Company since its inception, always adhering to the & other;Letter, take honestly as this, as the root & throughout;Purpose, relying on kazuo inamori six diligence as enterprise culture, to & other;Professional, dedicated and efficient & throughout;Win the customer’s word-of-mouth development up to now.The 90 – degree right-angle milling head, two-way shampoo, milling power head, small Angle after the first class products to enter the market to obtain a large amount of recognition and praise of the industry.As an emerging enterprise, established in 2015, AnYuBang mechanical person first, slowly but surely, enterprise comprehensive strength is increased year by year.As the machine tool market gradually warming, AnYuBang machinery will continue to scientific and technological innovation as the core, all-round product, brand, industrial organization and business model innovation, grasp the quality of the products, to strengthen after-sales service, for & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Contribution strength!(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)