Chinese laborers laser: dont forget the beginners mind Self-motivated forward To make more glory

Published on 2019-07-02

Since 1997 since the national engineering research center of laser machining restructuring, Chinese laborers laser has passed twenty years of extraordinary development journey, no matter from the technology of equipment, technology research and development, or application development, etc., have made outstanding achievements.As one of the largest laser equipment manufacturer in China, the company will always & other;To make the higher honor & throughout;As the objective, keep improving, omni-directional to set up the benchmark in the industry, play a leading role.Beginner’s mind & middot;Concentric circles & middot;Can assign: 20 years of take-off journey south China university of technology, general manager of laser Deng Guke look back on the road of Chinese laborers laser twenty years of boom, every change is the milestone of the laser.In retrospect, the Chinese laborers laser general manager Mr Deng Guke still inspiring.At the beginning of the company listed in 2000, is to formulate the strategy of globalization.& other;China laser must go out and compete in the global market, our listed was a world famous CNC laser cutting and plasma cutting manufacturing enterprise FARLEY s LASERLAB leroy somer (method), the first step towards the Chinese laser enterprise globalization, late for internationalization road lay the foundation.In 2002, the company moved from school, huazhong university of science and technology park, really will be transformed into enterprise culture, campus culture is accompanied by a laser research and development and production involves more and more application fields, and catch up with the international advanced level in the laser technology, this year, we bear the national 863 plan project & lsquo;All solid state laser than class key technology and industrialization & rsquo;Through the acceptance, then, in 2003, China’s first optical fiber laser marking machine laser developed in south China university of technology & hellip;& hellip;The key technology breakthrough in laser industry in China has epoch-making significance, far-reaching impact to the industry development.Throughout the &;In 2004, showed the high performance CNC laser cutting machine to realize localization of laser, and successfully to the market, so as to realize the & other;Made in China, global sales & throughout;Pattern, further enhance the market competitiveness of the Chinese laser brands;In 2008, the state & other;11th five-year plan & throughout;Science and technology support plan & other;Industrial laser and complete sets of equipment, the key technology research and demonstration & throughout;Official start, from the laser source to the equipment, south China university of technology applied for six special laser.& other;With the help of state support, we also introduced from abroad a batch of laser industry leaders, including picosecond and femtosecond laser laser field, laser currently has nine & lsquo; south China university of technologyOne thousand people plan & rsquo;Experts.Throughout the &;In 2009, south China university of technology’s white body laser welding equipment but also broke the abroad application of automotive industry monopoly.In 2013, the company ushered in a number of breakthroughs: build tile fiber laser processing technology center, completed and put into production of high-grade digital laser flexible manufacturing equipment industry base, built laser hubei province key laboratory of advanced manufacturing technology, and so on & hellip;& hellip;& other;2015 years ago, is, as it were, we took off the acceleration period, the focus is to do the laser products and the market continuously, make through. In the meantime, we develop a variety of key products, successfully break the foreign monopoly and realize industrialization, promote the core competitiveness and international status of the laser industry in China, contributing to upgrade and transformation in the equipment manufacturing industry in China’s processing power.Since 2016, in & lsquo;4.0 industrial & rsquo;And & lsquo;Made in China 2025 & rsquo;Under the background of the new normal, such as laser technology because of its compared with traditional processing technology of incomparable advantage, ushered in the boom of new opportunities.Throughout the &;For 20 years journey summarized three key words: beginner’s mind, concentric circles and energized.& other;China’s laser technology to promote the productivity of industrial progress, must be out of the lab.In the process of exploration and innovation, we have created a multiple industries & lsquo;The first & rsquo;.On behalf of the national competitiveness, international competitiveness, leading manufacturing toward high-end continuously, and continuously to a service-oriented transformation.This is our beginner’s mind.Throughout the &;& other;Company always attaches importance to talents, a batch of & lsquo;One thousand people plan & rsquo;Experts also makes Chinese laborers laser become one of the few real domestic laser enterprises with a complete industrial chain.These experts made China in uv laser, industrial areas such as high power picosecond and femtosecond laser achieved many breakthroughs, and these products are consumer electronics, OLED, power battery sunrise industries such as processing tool.We will spare no effort to support technology experts climb to high, to draw the most beautiful concentric circles.Throughout the &;Talk about & other;Fu can & throughout;, Deng Guke points out, as a core subsidiary of south China university of technology science and technology, south China university of technology of laser in cross-border acquisitions, introducing talents, technology innovation, industry base construction has been on the parent company continuous & other;Fu can & throughout;, provides a strong incentive for the company into a world-class.And in the next few years, the company will be more & other;Fu can & throughout;As the center of gravity, fully motivate the creativity and initiative.At the target Implementation of laser application clicked in the first half of 2017, south China university of technology science and technology net profit year-on-year growth of 45% to 55%.The company’s advanced manufacturing technology of laser equipment in the automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, war industry and other industries were excellent.& other;From the first half of the year, our international big order is growing rapidly.This year, through to the overseas market for layout, we in southeast Asia, South America, South Korea and Taiwan and other regions of encouraging earnings growth.Throughout the &;In addition, 3 c industry ushered in the rapid development.Especially small and medium-sized power welding equipment, fully replace the traditional process method such as previous riveting.And in automotive lightweight applications, the company is also actively layout of new energy vehicles laser welding market.& other;In the auto industry, for example, why Germany always occupy the top?This is connected with its powerful laser technology strength.German car manufacturing, laser equipment with a very large share.In China in recent 10 years through continuous efforts and development, also make the greater access to the laser equipment makers to get comprehensive application.Throughout the &;Deng Guke pointed out.Last year, Chinese laborers laser combined colleges and research and development of many famous car companies & otherWith high quality and efficiency of automobile manufacturing to laser welding, cutting the key technology and complete sets of equipment & throughout;Project won the first prize in national scientific and technological progress, has realized the automobile manufacture in the field of laser welding and so on seven key technology and complete sets of equipment localization of target.Nowadays, China’s automobile industry rapid development momentum, in & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;And & otherOne Belt And One Road & throughout;The background, the company in the field of auto intelligent manufacturing layout is also growing.In 2016, south China university of technology with laser jianghuai automobile new energy vehicles, as well as the whole aluminum body laser welding and cutting applications for cooperation.& other;For example, we just do something inside the car original part of the welding processing, now is the end to the location of the front and rear.Recently, we have done a and jianghuai doors at both ends to extension laser welding production line.As a result, the original 1000-20 million yuan, with this & lsquo;Technology value-added & rsquo;Can reach 4000-50 million yuan.Throughout the &;In addition, the south China university of technology and Hamburg, Germany recently laser research institute (LZN) reached a strategic cooperation, hand in hand to develop high-end aviation shipbuilding markets around the world.Companies have for LZN equipped with more than 10 people team, establish a proprietary laser processing technology laboratory, to carry out ship plate steel, Marine plywood composite laser welding process test, to explore new shipbuilding industry.& other;In the shipbuilding industry, traditional methods have been difficult to meet the planking of the machining needs of more and more thin, the industry of & lsquo;Lightweight & rsquo;Demand is very big, cruise ships, for example, it consists of a large number of plates, the traditional welding methods will lead to deformation.Laser welding with welding technology, therefore, the small plate Mosaic large plate, can effectively control and prevent the deformation of weld seam quality, & throughout;Deng Guke explained.According to Deng Guke, future companies will also work with LZN manufacturing (3 d printing) in materials, crack based on laser material manufacturing technology on the key manufacturing technology in the field of aerospace, in high-performance engines, aircraft engine blades, large civil aircraft and satellite development of composites structure implementation demonstration application.Uphold the & other;1 + N”Ideas continue to explore the infinite possibility of laser industry about the future development plan, Deng Guke said, with the help of a company for many years in the field of laser technology, technology, and laser light source such as accumulation of advantages, will continue to dig more new laser application, such as the OLED cutting, laser repair, etc., and will further explore the frontiers of picosecond and femtosecond ultrafast laser application in all kinds of brittle materials processing.& other;We uphold the & lsquo;1 + N’Approach, a laser technology to N industry development, 360 – degree docking niche business applications;And in the N industry applications, and to find the other automation and intelligent application, in order to realize the multidimensional innovation breakthrough.Throughout the &;& other;Laser application from a product standpoint, the initial marking applied to occupy the largest share, followed by laser cutting applications.And at present, laser welding applications are facing another outbreak, and laser micro machining also gradually become the new hot industry.At the same time, the laser technology in the processing of the trend, one is the development towards a more sophisticated, the other is in the direction of the higher power advance.At present, used to cut 10 kw laser equipment is common, but the future is used for welding of 20 kw equipment will also become more common.Throughout the &;Deng Guke pointed out.In his view, in recent years, laser enterprises emerge the emerging in the market, but based on the characteristics of the equipment manufacturing cycle is slow, the market will tend to be saturated.& other;Therefore, to build the core technology competitiveness is still enterprise & lsquo;The winning a magic weapon & rsquo;.Need to higher intelligent manufacturing transformation, for example, around the laser or laser application enterprise, in addition to do laser business, can also be extended to other sectors, such as automation.In Chinese laborers laser, we also set up a automation technology company in suzhou, specialized docking smartphone intelligent processing business.Throughout the &;In addition, since the year before, up to now, Chinese workers have been in hebei cangzhou, jiangsu suqian and laser baoji in shaanxi province and other places set up branch national engineering research center of laser processing area.At present, located in the southwest area of the sichuan center also in preparation.In recent years, the national engineering research center of laser processing positive national layout, explore new operation mechanism, national innovation platform based on the center of the region resources optimization and allocation, give full play to its own technology and talent advantages, Chinese laborers laser depth into across industries, efforts to promote local manufacturing industry transformation and upgrade to high-end, help these areas to meet & other;Light manufacturing & throughout;Era.The future 7-8 years will continue to be the high speed development of the laser industry.But it is different from other industries, laser industry belongs to the multidisciplinary cross industry, involving optical, mechanical, electrical, software and materials, and other complex technology, therefore particularly high demand for people, industry and enterprise need to continue to invest more high-end technical talent.Admittedly, the sheer forward 20 years has been the laser industry leaders have laid a solid foundation, we have reason to believe that, in the next 20 years, Chinese laborers laser will write more brilliant.(the original title: Chinese laborers laser: don’t forget the beginner’s mind Self-motivated forward & ndash;& ndash;To make more glory) (source: jung industrial resources network)