Hubei Zhong Xiang Lin Changzhou secretary of municipal party committee of shenyang machine tool group

Published on 2018-03-27

On August 29, hubei Zhong Xiang Lin Changzhou, secretary of municipal party committee secretary general Jiang Zhaochun to shenyang machine tool group, and group chairman of the board of directors of the company GuanXiYou will further promote the local transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and small and medium-sized enterprise carried on the thorough exchange and discussion.In recent years, zhongxiang focus on promoting the development of the city’s high-end intelligent manufacturing.In April, zhongxiang government officially reached a strategic cooperation and shenyang machine tool group, promote the central valley i5 intelligent manufacturing projects.So far, 5 building 70000 square meters factory building, the first batch of 80 sets of i5 intelligent machine tools has been completed installation and debugging, the attention of the regional internal and external enterprises of different industries.Both sides to speed up the mode of cooperation, to promote the development of high-end manufacturing by hubei provincial government attaches great importance to, and has become a new engine zhongxiang the equipment manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading.During the talks, the two sides will further makes the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries demonstration, advance & other;Double gen & throughout;Personnel training, deepen the high-end intelligent manufacture industry construction planning details, intensive communication.Zhongxiang director said it would Zhong Xiang i5 intelligent manufacturing valley project into traditional industrial upgrading and regional industrial transformation demonstration project.About Zhong Xiang i5 intelligent manufacturing valley projects into the i5 zhongxiang shenyang machine tool intelligent manufacturing valley A2 workshop, 86 sets of intelligent machine tools neatly placed within the plant, technical personnel are stepping up to these machine tools for debugging.Project director told reporters on Sunday, the project from strategic signed in March, to be put into use in July, in just four months time, made the first valley in place of intelligent machine 200 units, the rest of the more than 100 sets of equipment all in place before the end of September.It is understood that the project by the shenyang machine tool group and zhongxiang a cooperation, a total investment of 3 billion yuan, covers an area of 1000 mu, investment i5 intelligent equipment 10000 units, 3000 sets of one issue.Project based on independent research and development of shenyang machine tool i5 intelligence system, build six centers, all intelligent machine can connect to the Internet, based on the cloud, real-time control, the process of manufacturing enjoy big data bring convenient and quick.(the original title: hubei Zhong Xiang Lin Changzhou inspection secretary of municipal party committee of shenyang machine tool group said: mutual transformation and upgrading traditional industry demonstration) (source: northeast news)