Company in Anger: equipment design for downtime is close to zero

Published on 2018-03-27

So far, the Anger of the company’s equipment for its high bulk, high precision, production more than 250000 each year.Or through configuration can produce different kinds of artifacts, batch to around 10000.Anger, chief executive officer Klaus Dirnberger said: & other;Through our production & lsquo;2 plus & rsquo;, we are putting a new machine concept to the market, so as to realize the flexible production of small batch, not only that, it can satisfy the people even the desired processing order, also can meet the processing sequence of random.Throughout the &;& other;In our processing scheme, can be used to achieve special process for special processing station, and retain its biggest advantage.For example, we can use a large milling cutter head, with higher precision milling plane.Throughout the &;As high as 80 double spindle system of the machine tool of the cutting tool is designed as a double double spindle system, in the system, to 500 mm distance between parallel continuously two workpieces (figure 1).This makes very interested in the machine manufacturing enterprises, these manufacturers are often can only produce small batch quantity, cancelled or has not been defined including different components of the enterprise.First customer the implementation of the project are: aluminum parts of motor controller.Usually cylinder cover, gear components in the automotive industry or oil pan manufacturers need such products, but two rounds of vehicle manufacturers sometimes need these products.Figure 1 Anger company plus 2 machine is equipped with double double spindle system with 2 plus, can offer each spindle have 40 tool, a total of 80, the cutting tool, in particular, can realize high efficient production, this is because & ndash;& ndash;Once the set & ndash;& ndash;No additional manual tool change.Parallel processing of high performance control technology plus 2 lathe equipped with Siemens high-performance CNCSinumerik840Dsl (figure 2).Anger (the company’s chief technology officer Herbert Vrba explained: & other;Although the control system is not constrained by the concept of the machine tool, but we still have 27 axis.Throughout the &;In order to satisfy the requirement of the two parallel processing components precision, after holding of correcting use of fine-tuning.Therefore, for each individual processing tasks, for related clamping device or component, the second main shaft can be precise positioning.Figure 2 dual system design, which can realize the two edge length is 500 mm continuous parallel processing during processing, the part with two spindles can automatically compensate the difference between processing position.Record each clamping device with each location of data processing and preservation, and then, according to need to call.In the range of one over one thousand, can take advantage of the positioning accuracy, adjust the whole unit.& other;As a result, the background data is more complex, so for us, in order to achieve the goal, not only the need to control unit provides the necessary additional accuracy, and it has very high performance is required.Throughout the &;Vrba added, & other;The control unit of the composite connection is also very important for us.Throughout the &;Highly automatic, digital and transparent process in the end, the machine can be highly automated operation.To this end, not just need intelligent control system, the whole machine is needed.That is to say, it is equipped with digital network all the necessary interfaces into factory.Anger, therefore, the company can by Siemens & other;Mind – App the Manage My Machines”Within the cloud, the realization of 2 plus equipment and Mindsphere connection, and in the EMO Hannover2017, first proposed by Anger company this form.Therefore, complete information is available about the process: through the QR code, provide artifacts clear identification;Through the RFID (radio frequency identification) chips;Provide appropriate clamping clear identification equipment and tool.Manufacturing system with robots are equipped with a standardized interface, & otherSmartfix”The end of the actuator and RFID tags;The first from the beginning of the clamping device, then the artifacts, finally will have been delivered to the machine tool clamping of the workpiece.Vrba said: & other;Through the cross connection with host user, the user can understand which two components are processed at any time, which is using the clamping devices.As a result of our machine tools, robots, the products and the possibility of a container to realize automation and network, we have come at a huge cost for operators income and time.Throughout the &;For example, as shown in the figure below: from the type mask blank, sending them to the processing, then reads the position, using the QR code on the tag, finally into the logistics system.Robots taking it from the shelf by the host command defines facility, and by using RFID chips to confirm whether the facility is correct, and use the facility to capture artifacts, and clamping & ndash;& ndash;Facility, can replace the machine hand;Before sending them to the transport, transport it to machine tools.After processing, robot use end executor, again from the transporter, remove complete artifacts, and use QR codes to inform system: artifacts have been completed, and then the workpiece transmission to the next processing position, or for further processing.Then, the facility can obtain processing resources required for next step.The whole processing is transparent.Even in the same machine tool can detect and display the same workpiece clamping position change.Only with this automation, a worker can be four to six sets of Anger (machine tool operation or monitoring (figure 3).Can be fully integrated into Sinumerik840Dsl robot itself, so you can operate the robot, and the program directly.Figure 3 with this automation, only one worker can operate or monitoring four to six Anger kill two birds with one stone machine tool & ndash;& ndash;Shorter chip to chip and transport running around due to the transfer of a double tool change device between operation, plus 2 device can realize between processing steps, a very short chip to chip, about 1 s.For this kind of special machine tool concept, without having to change between processing steps, just from a move to another the cutting tool knife.Only when all components play a role of their own, and perfect match with each other, to achieve a record.This applies to Siemens WeissECS series spindle, and equipped with SMI24 sensor module (figure 4).Figure 4 plus 2 device equipped with Siemens WeissESC spindle series, including SMI24 spindle sensor module;Combined with Sinumerik840Dsl, can be in the form of a digital signal to drive, and there is no delay with Sinumerik840Dsl, as can be in the form of a digital signal to drive, and there is no delay, so the tool change number can reduce as much as 25%.From the technical standard and operating standards, and on the basis of main shaft manufacturers in Europe and Asia, Anger company chose these spindle.Dirnberger said: & other;Decision we made clear, if no objections, the optimal ratio of Siemens Weiss to meet our requirements.Through these, we can make use of a series of cooling fluid pressure, in minimal lubrication in the machine tool.And for our installation team, we can call the different versions of the machine tool with the same machine tool, such as the framework mentioned in the contract, the average delivery time is 6 weeks.Throughout the &;Recently completed for the first time in the form of very simple change spindle, does not appear any problems.With its new concept, plus 2 to need a certain number, batch production and the production date is not sure of the different components of suppliers to provide special advantage.Therefore, Anger (company has developed a deliberate machine concept, this concept can make the down time is close to zero, and is equipped with reliable control for its technology and drive technology.(the original title: the design of form a complete set of equipment for downtime is close to zero) (source: MM “modern manufacturing”)