Accelerating manufacturing kinetic energy conversion between the old and the new shandong walk in the forefront of China

Published on 2019-07-02

China’s industrial robot vigorous market demand, promotes industry constantly attract new entrants.At present, the focus on the development of robot industry more than 20 provinces, the robot industry garden area more than 50.The robot industry as the key to cultivate many provinces and cities, promote the development of shandong which is one of the most active.As the robot industry development planning (2016-2020), “establish two big policy guidance, and put forward & otherDomestic industrial robots by 2020 annual production goals for 100000 & throughout;, industrial robots is developing rapidly in our country, since 2015 the average annual growth rate of 140%, by 2020 China’s industrial robot sales will exceed 150000 units, has 800000 units.According to forward-looking industry institute released “2018-2023 China education robot industry development prospects and investment planning analysis report data, the number of related enterprises reached 3393 by the end of 2016 domestic robot, which brought together 241 robot manufacturer in shandong province, second only to guangdong, jiangsu, Shanghai, zhejiang, is a more competitive area.In “made in China 2025”, intelligent manufacturing has become the high frequency words.After the shandong also issued multiple guidance documents about transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, automation, robot as representative’s emerging industry has become the focus on cultivating target.Intelligent manufacturing in shandong province in the development plan (2017-2022) “in & other;By 2022, ten thousand people robot number more than 200 units throughout the &;Ownership in shandong province, which means that when robots will reach 2 million units, and at present the national ownership of industry robot is only 360000 units, enormous gap is attracts a lot of robots are the important factors of companies to invest in shandong.In July 2017, by no other stone (Beijing) technology co., LTD. Of building covers an area of 20000 square production base of large industrial robot & ndash;& ndash;No other stone intelligent technology co., LTD. (shandong) completed and put into production formally in zoucheng city of shandong, the base of the industrial robot production, assembly, testing, after-sales and integrated into an organic whole, in shandong province is currently the largest production base of industrial robots, the year after the production of the capacity increase to more than 2000 units.Real robot should be machine + artificial intelligence, and combined with large data, industry, the Internet, to memory to store data, even can self learning.And to let the machine to a robot, it needs to achieve its combined with a new generation of information technology.The first step for the connection of the Internet and manufacturing to is the cloud on manufacturing enterprise.At present, shandong has begun to promote enterprise on the cloud.At the start of October convention, in addition to huawei, representatives of the three carriers came to preach, wave of shandong, shandong industrial cloud also to cause the attention of many manufacturing enterprises.It is understood that at present, shandong on cloud only more than 20000 enterprises, the future only cloud service provider in this field, the market is huge.& other;Robot is mainly from the Angle of the tool to assist people to work, to replace some of the special environment work, improve the processing precision and efficiency, lower costs, won’t cause widespread unemployment.Throughout the &;Robot research center of shandong university, director of Li Yibin think, robot is now mainly do who don’t manage to do, is to liberate people.Old and the new kinetic energy conversion, in fact, that is, transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, emerging industries and traditional industries new kinetic energy conversion by what?Is to raise the level of automation, intelligent, and automation level by?Is the gear, and the robot is the representative of core equipment.It is said that shandong traditional industry accounted for the high is too high, but it was also because of this, shandong more courage to go on intelligent manufacturing front end, traditional industries and emerging industries, for the most part of emerging industries or through the upgrade of traditional industries to achieve.And each industry, all cannot be separated from the accumulation of shandong industry for decades.(the original title: accelerating manufacturing kinetic energy conversion between the old and the new Shandong walking in the forefront of China) (source: China’s intelligent manufacturing network)