The mountains are high tool 2017 fall first launch successfully held

Published on 2019-07-02

On September 6, 2017, the mountains are high tool 2017 fall first launch successfully held in changchun, many new tool products focus on appearance, for the announcement of a new season begins.As the first stop for this tour, conference, meeting attracted domestic manufacturing of high-level personnel and technical experts, invited more than 80 customers, a total of haocha.Conference at the scene of the mountains are high in shenyang area sales manager Mr Huang Xiuwu China first to guests welcome address;Later, the mountains are high technical director Mr Su Guojiang China to introduce the guests to the mountains high tool development and technological innovation in recent years, and how to deal with the current development trend of the manufacturing put forward its own opinions.Mountain high Chinese address in shenyang area sales manager Mr Huang Xiuwu mountain high speak Chinese technical director Mr Su Guojiang product showcase, is undoubtedly the focus of the conference.Conference this season, the mountains are high brought new generation Perfomax including drilling, a new generation of hurricane Feedmax -p overall carbide drill, MQL thermal handle, Minimaster Plus new small devil king of new product.Mountain high Chinese product management hole processing product manager Mr Liu Hui one by one on the launch of the new product introduction and display on site, and combining the processing video introduces new product characteristics, advantage and a wide range of applications.Facing the increasingly competitive world of manufacturing, the mountains are high cutting tool is designed to bring innovative technology to customers to meet the specific needs of the optimum process and the cutting tool solutions, help users to achieve efficient processing, to obtain higher productivity and profits.The launch of a new generation of hurricane Perfomax drill is highly anticipated, after not less than 18 times of design improvement, this remarkable bit has the better performance.Optimization of the chip groove can achieve the best control chip and chip removal, so we can improve your drilling parameters and extend the service life of cutter.The chip on the new type of bit body slot adopted new & other;Wearing surface & throughout;, as far as possible to reduce the contact between chip and chip removal tank, so as to realize the application of higher security.In addition, a new generation of Feedmax -p fastest on the market is the overall carbide drill bit, can cutting steel cutting speed of 200 m\/min, achieved a breakthrough in the field of cutting tools.A new generation of hurricane Perfomax drill a new generation of Feedmax -p overall carbide drill activities the scene, the guests product posted on the scene expressed strong interest in, not only listen when product manager is introduced, especially in the group discussions with the on-site technical personnel a heated discussion.In the following new product a question-and-answer session, guests have participated in, but also to the climax to the announcement of a new!Group discussion of the current domestic manufacturing industry is in the transformation and upgrading, the enterprise can choose a suitable tool to improve the efficiency and productivity, has the extremely important influence to control costs.This kind of situation, a more advanced high quality cutting tools will be keep the drivers of competitive advantage.This feast of science and technology undoubtedly played a needle cardiotonic for domestic manufacturing.In the future, the mountains are high cutting tools will continue to improve strength, all bring more value for our customers!After changchun railway station, 2017 mountain high cutting tool product launches will also fall in tianjin, wuxi, chengdu and other cities in succession.(the original title: high cutting tool first product launch successfully held 2017 fall) (source: high cutting tool)