Winter Olympics Beijing eight minutes and wisdom made in China is heading for the world

Published on 2018-03-27

Pyeongchang winter games, Chinese athletes struggle, beyond the self, with excellent grades won the attention of the world.And at the closing ceremony, Beijing, China & other;Beijing eight minutes & throughout;Amaze the world once again.Panda puppets, dancing robot, ice screen & other;China’s high-speed rail & throughout;, & otherLarge aircraft & throughout;& hellip;& hellip;This just eight minutes of performance, not only show the enthusiasm of the Chinese people and culture, more show the development of science and technology and the strong.China to tell the world: in a performance & other;Throughout China’s smart &;Is from a simple manufacturing technology based intelligent wisdom, and is go abroad, towards the world.Dancing robot in the closing ceremony & other;Beijing eight minutes & throughout;, each carrying & other;Ice screen & throughout;The intelligent robot dance with roller skating teenagers, staged an elegant dance music.As zhang yimou said: & other;Less talk about ancient and more theory today & throughout;.The dance between these intelligent machines and is the combination of modern Chinese intelligence and humanity, but also the dance of science and technology and culture.These robots from siasun robot automation co., LTD in China, this is a company dedicated to digital intelligent robot technology and high-end equipment manufacturing listed companies.They completed the Chinese history of the industrial robot many zero breakthrough, is also a robot in the world one of the most complete product line of the enterprise.At the closing ceremony, their intelligent robot in complex environment with the shortest possible time to make the fastest judgment, and quick to adapt and adjust, conducted a series of rotation, swing, etc with actors make fancy moves, completed a difficult task, also won a lot of applause.Simple & other;Ice screen & throughout;Technology at the closing ceremony, 24 piece of big screen into a like snow and ice effect & other;Ice screen & throughout;, realize transparent image display, the effect is more vivid, more clever.Each & other;Ice screen & throughout;3 meters long, no beam, the slot and the distance between the screen behind, can use the micron calculation.In addition, all the screen after wind and cold storage test, meet the requirements of packing winds of up to 15 meters per second.& other;Ice screen & throughout;Is not a piece of the screen, this is a new type of LED display technology, it has novel and unique display effect, the audience stood in the ideal distance to watch, the picture is like floating on the glass, and does not affect the original glass daylighting function.According to & other;Ice screen & throughout;The r&d team leader qing-sheng huang introduces, at present our country & otherIce screen & throughout;Technology, is a world leading level.To the world & otherThroughout China’s smart &;In addition to the robot, a panda, a puppet, & otherIce screen & throughout;And so on, China’s high-speed rail construction, bridge construction, large aircraft, China & other;Eye & throughout;Also appeared on the scene, such as which is the important foundation of building in China.China’s high-speed rail from scratch, from have to strong, and carry on the like Russia, Mexico, India and other nations of the project;China’s large aircraft C919 completely independent research and development, with international advanced level, realize the real meaning of localization;China & other;Eye & throughout;, can catch the radio signal as far afield as hundreds of light years away, search and identify possible interstellar communication signals, search for extraterrestrial civilizations & hellip;& hellip;They are proof of the China science and technology development, is also China’s moving towards an important basis of intelligent manufacturing.& other;Folded the wood, I believe;Nine layers of Taiwan, on base of soil;A thousand-li journey is started, the first step.Throughout the &;Today, from the intelligent robot to big data, Internet +;From the 3 d printing & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;, China built step by step to go forward, to refresh the idea of people, changing people’s lives, projected to marvel at the world vision, makes China step by step towards the world.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)