Guizhou luodian jintai mold new accept 36 independent intellectual property rights the national patent

Published on 2018-03-27

Recently, the side Yang industrial park, luodian jintai mould machinery manufacturing co., LTD., independent research and development of “universal type universal milling machine to carry” won the patent certificate issued by the state intellectual property office, new country accepts the 36 independent intellectual property rights and patents.Jintai mold factory is located in guizhou luodian Yang industrial zone of jintai mould is a set production and sales in the integration of machinery manufacturing company, was founded in December 2014, the company processing equipment, advanced technology.Principal business machine tool production, sale, processing, the main equipment has CNC machine tools, CNC CNC milling machine, large lathe, CNC milling machine, precision surface grinding machine, inside and outside the park grinder, edm machine, CNC wire cutting, CNC precision inside and outside the park grinder, and other advanced equipment, to lay a solid foundation for machinery manufacturing, improve the efficiency of processing, to ensure the quality of the finished product, make the enterprise comprehensive strength continuously improve production.Some mature jintai die self-developed “portable universal universal milling machine” won the patent certificate issued by the state intellectual property office, the recent new accept 36 national patents and independent intellectual property rights is still in 16 to declare invention, can the machine for large objects free services such as local universal milling, drilling, boring and remove the machining and parts inside of the blind area, can save a lot of disassembly and assembly time, advantage greatly stronger than magnetic drill, universal milling machine, etc., is the world’s innovation in the field of machine tool processing parvenu gens.Companies benefit from Mr Bangs in machine tool manufacturing, mold manufacturing, all kinds of mechanical processing problem solving spatial aspects of experience, has given rise to a series of three rotating modes of multi-function machine tool, including & other;All kinds of universal milling machine & throughout;Series, a kind of tool equipment to replace the application of five kinds of tooling equipment, belong to the necessities, this will eliminate some of the traditional machine tool, in guizhou has earmarked series of universal milling drilling and boring machine tools of the world’s leading, is bound to sing up a rapid processing, efficient processing, processing of environmental protection of the industrial revolution.Patent application acceptance notice (part) patent certificate (part) in order to further promote the development of the county enterprises, luodian county industrial park management committee to execute & otherNanny & throughout;Service.Park management committee assigned by a metre above the leading cadres of a site coordinator and service team to track, fixed-point services, service personnel directly into a line to help enterprises solve various problems in the process of and practical difficulties, really done & other;Nanny & throughout;Service, strive to improve the soft environment for investment, let located enterprises & other;Early fall to the ground, early construction, early production, and profit & throughout;.Luodian jintai mould machinery manufacturing co., LTD., make full use of advantages strengthening processing production, gradually moving towards innovation.Learned, luodian jintai mould machinery manufacturing co., LTD. The future development will be in luodian edge Yang industrial park as a base to form a group company, plan in three years to complete the national market sales layout, form a complete market advantage, make the product sales more than 10 million units, profit of 1 billion yuan of above, with 2 years to layout the European market, make the product sales more than 100 million units, profit of 10 billion yuan of above, ranks among world top enterprises.(the original title: luodian jintai mold new accept 36 patents of independent intellectual property rights state) (source: big qian!)