From borrow ship to sea to ship out ma on shan enterprises to accelerate the going out

Published on 2018-03-27

Recently, anhui, textile machinery co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & other;Daily throughout textile &;)Administrative manager Ren Xiumin are busy rushed in export orders.Mechanical equipment manufacturing industry as a leader, hair textile in ma on shan demonstration garden in 2015 formally completed and put into production, the main production double twisting machine, the rotor spinning machine, seamless underwear machine intelligent textile machinery and production lines, products are exported to all over the world.& other;We produce a semi-automatic rotor spinning machine, the highest speed is close to 120000 r\/min, the overall performance reached the world advanced level, products are exported to southeast Asia and other places, sales is very good.Throughout the &;Ren Xiumin said.Let Ren Xiu is sensitive to the proud, in addition to a steady stream of export orders, as the textile on technology research and development investment.& other;The company insists on the sales revenue of 5% a year for research and development, and cooperate with USTC, zhejiang university and other colleges and universities, constantly, to launch new models.Throughout the &;Anhui day hair production of intelligent textile machinery textile machinery co., LTD.Active hair textile is taken, ma on shan enterprises to speed up & other;Go out & throughout;A microcosm.In recent years, with the level of opening to the outside world, more and more & other;Ma on shan manufacturing & throughout;Take & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;The east wind, actively explore the international market.According to statistics, in the year to July 11, ma on shan there are 48, foreign economic cooperation enterprises involved & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;16 of the construction of the enterprise construction projects, a total of 48, the total investment of $32.19 million.Anhui built international economic and technical cooperation co., LTD is the ma on shan building service companies, by implementing & other;Go out & throughout;Strategy, not only will expand into southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa, and other countries and regions, also try & other;Ships at sea & throughout;& ndash;& ndash;Stock exchange main board listed in Australia in 2016, became the first shares listed overseas Chinese building industry, become the building services industry pioneer and leader in China.& other;Company’s overseas business mainly construction services, currently has more than 10 projects.I think, & lsquo;Go out & rsquo;The most fundamental is to integrate into the local culture, to achieve common communion with local.Through the human resources transformation, improve the labor skills of workers, but also to make workers more adapt to the local cultural environment, so as to move more market resources.Throughout the &;Anhui built international economic and technical cooperation co., LTD., the human resources manager Yang lei said.Yang lei told xinhua channel anhui, & other;Many companies, including build truly international, originally by joint with large enterprises to participate in overseas projects, through & lsquo;Borrow ship to sea & rsquo;To go out.In the future, the company will continue to improve the level of internationalization, promote transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and truly achieve by & lsquo;Borrow ship to sea & rsquo;Become & lsquo;Ships at sea & rsquo;.Throughout the &;In recent years, more and more ma on shan enterprises to join & other;Go out & throughout;The ranks of the.In 2011, China 10 QiYe group co., LTD. Signed the Kuwait university institute of petroleum engineering project, the cumulative value of $515.39 million;In 2013, ma on shan huizhi biotechnology co., LTD., set up CCBIO food co., LTD in Thailand, and expand the investment in 2015 set up CC glass group co., LTD., the investment of $9.66 million, making it ma on shan investment in southeast Asia’s largest enterprise;Machine is built in 2016, ma on shan building engineering co., LTD. Invested $12.3 million to set up the company in Bangladesh & hellip;& hellip;Maanshan bo hope area known as & other;Throughout the first town of China shear folding machine tool &;Machine tool, the east China sea, central Asia, constant round of nc machine tools, machine tool, CNC machine tools, and other leading enterprises, hold & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;Significant opportunities for development, and constantly expand the overseas market.In recent 3 years, bo hope machine series products exports grew by an average of 10% a year.Among them, valin west kitchen, central Asia machine tool enterprises reached 30%.& other;Ma on shan positive leading enterprises & lsquo;Go out & rsquo;, and guide enterprises attempt to sea to develop & lsquo;One Belt And One Road & rsquo;Along the market, flowers, spring scenery garden features.Throughout the &;Ma on shan Liu Jing, deputy chief of the business bureau, & other;In recent years, ma on shan enterprise & lsquo;One Belt And One Road & rsquo;Expanding the market and project type also more diversified, neck development momentum in various fields.Throughout the &;The wind is sailing Yang gathered strength.According to Liu Jing, ma on shan to the participation & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;Construction as an important work of building inland open new heights, promote the iron and steel, equipment manufacturing, engineering machinery, such as traditional advantage industry layout, multilateral secure funding support at the same time, alleviate the pressure of the enterprises to carry out international cooperation capacity of money.& other;We encourage large enterprises have advantages through mergers, acquisitions, equity participation and other ways to participate in foreign investment, arouse the enthusiasm of enterprise development.Throughout the &;& other;Ma on shan will earnestly implement the provincial party committee and government, the comments about building inland open new heights “, give full play to the river’s offshore, anhui & other;Throughout eastern gate &;Location advantage, actively integrated into the national & lsquo;The three major strategic & rsquo;, the overall use of domestic and international two markets, two kinds of resources, improve the level of the open economy.Throughout the &;Ma on shan municipal party committee secretary Wei Yao said.(the original title: from & other;Borrow ship to sea & throughout;To & other;Ships at sea & throughout;Ma on shan enterprises accelerate & other;Go out throughout the &;)(source: xinhua hefei)