The development of higher education to promote high-end equipment manufacturing industry

Published on 2019-07-02

High-end equipment manufacturing industry is also known as advanced equipment manufacturing industry, is a kind of advanced high technology, high value-added manufacturing industry facilities.High-end equipment mainly includes the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the development of strategic emerging industries required equipment of high technology, high added value.High-end equipment manufacturing industry is a high and new technology as the leading, in the value chain and the core industrial chain link, determine the strategic emerging industry, the competitiveness of the whole industry chain is the backbone of the modern industry system, is promoting industrial transformation and upgrading of the engine.Foster and develop high-end equipment manufacturing industry, is the necessary request to improve the core competitiveness of China’s industry, is taking the strategic choice for the future economic and technology development the commanding heights, to speed up the transformation of the pattern of economic development, implementation, from the manufacturing power to power has important strategic significance.Entering the new century, our country high-end equipment manufacturing industry human resources total quantity, structure, quality and talent development mechanism and so on to form the good development momentum, but compared with the requirement of industry development still has a lot of difference, the change of the situation at home and abroad and the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in China, puts forward new requirements for talents.Under this requirement, the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, need to get the support of higher education.From high-level technical personnel, emergency professional talents, skills, talents, high-quality skilled personnel to provide the corresponding talent pool.To improve the current high-end equipment manufacturing industry facing the tense situation of talents loss, cultivate a large number of talented person.Higher education in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry in the construction of talent team play a fundamental role.To a certain extent, the higher education is one of the cornerstones of high-end equipment manufacturing industry development.But for now, China’s higher education in the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry also has the very big development space and potential.College professional setting and cultivation of talents, for instance, can more targeted, the talent supply and demand can be more balanced, engineering practice education can be further strengthened, and production can be closer cohesion.Supply side structural reforms in colleges and universities should build close with high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises alliance between colleges, the depth of cooperation between colleges and on-demand training.Class enrollment, classification is carried out at the same time, training, meet the demand of high-end equipment manufacturing industry multi-level talent.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)