Hanjiang machine tool promoting scroll feature demonstration application with fruitful results

Published on 2018-03-27

Recently, the national major projects supervision and evaluation expert group of science and technology and ministry of science and technology science and technology assessment center and a line of 6 people, the major projects for the leaders to hanjiang machine tool co., LTD., led for five major projects and has passed the final acceptance of the mission conducted field research evaluation.Assessment team first listened to han machine project director for special task completion, iconic transformation and application of research results in the aspects of the detailed report, the scene to listen to the opinions and Suggestions, then a special field, the application of the research results at the scene of the production.Assessment team agree that han led machine company to undertake all of the five major subject passed final acceptance.Evaluation results show that the enterprise research and development work is very solid, product special requirements, the indicators have reached the research results in this enterprise has been applied to achieve scale, and recognized by the industry users, get the new orders, a representative in the field of research and development of the national major projects.In recent years, han machine company with responsible for major projects, give full play to its own in terms of thread processing, detection of deep industrial base and research and development advantages, to & other;Create scroll feature complete industry chain, industry to provide comprehensive technology solutions & throughout;Making enterprise development plan as an objective, scientific, reasonable selection conforms to the subject of enterprise development strategy, help enterprise rapid development.At the same time, han machine company is also involved in the chengdu aircraft group, baoji loyalty, changhe aircraft group, nanjing university of science and technology etc dozens of subject (corpus) research task, successfully solved the domestic scroll feature for the relevant unit matching problem.The implementation of the 04 special & other;High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment & throughout;Science and technology major projects (hereinafter referred to as & other;04 throughout special &;)Implementation, enhances our country high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment’s capacity for independent innovation, promote the function of host and CNC system, the coordinated development of parts industry.Among them, as one of the key core components of high-end CNC machine tools; Chinese scroll feature technology level and manufacturing capacity has achieved breakthrough progress.By implementing 04 subject, han machine company broke the scroll feature key process, heat treatment and performance testing problems which restrict the development of the industrialization of technologies such as: around rolling features of rolling friction and wear mechanism, the product structure optimization, the noise reduction of cooling structure, material and heat treatment, key technology and test equipment and test method for processing carried out extensive and in-depth research;Through the adoption of advanced manufacturing technology, and promote the implementation of standardized, modular manufacturing technology, the key to develop all processing technology has been used in the production, to achieve the industrialization production of the rolling feature provides a guarantee.Especially the development of heat treatment technology and race finishing technology, etc., can effectively solve the precision, large of ball screw and linear guide pair of technical problems.It is worth mentioning that application of scroll feature detection, testing instruments, for han machine company to improve product quality, improve product class provides an important means.With the implementation of the special, han machine company independent development, the introduction of the used for ball screw and linear guide rail pair, the precision of the measurement and performance test equipment for a total of more than 20 sets of these test equipment basically meet the stiffness of the rolling feature, performance, life, precision, stability and reliability index of the test requirements, so that the han machine company in order to improve the technical level of domestic rolling features with the testing, research and development platform.Through the specific implementation of the self-developed CNC whirlwind milling machine, internal thread grinding center, such as industrialization of key equipment, has established screw, nut production line, straight line guide rail production line, etc.Results of the demonstration application under the special support, rolling features developed by han machine company has been in the industry of the national key new products of its application in the large-scale backbone enterprises of machine tools, some products for import substitution, specific displays in: developed for guangzhou forging machine tool company GQ70 & times;20 & times;4680 & times;5245 large hollow ball screw pair has been using for years on imports of gantry machining center, precision, keep good performance, satisfying the requirements of the use of the machine tool.With the progress of technology and equipment upgrade, the han machine processing length of companies have been able to reach 8 m large hollow ball screw pair.For wuhan heavy duty machine tool group co., LTD XK2150A CNC gantry milling machine developed by GQ160 & times;20 & times;6200 & times;8728 large ball screw pair, is developed by the use of han machine company 10 m CNC thread grinding machine manufacturing of products.After nearly a year of technical research and process test, han machine company succeeded in conquering the screw products quenching technology and processing thread rolling, formed a set of ball screw pair of processing large burden of core technology, late for large heavy ball screw pair of research and development has accumulated experience.In addition, the topic research & ndash;& ndash;& ndash;Face reverse structure ball screw pair has formed series, mass production, compared with the traditional structure of the product, the product running smoothness is good, the velocity and acceleration is larger, the noise reduced more than 4 db, has been widely used in machining center, turning center, high-grade CNC machine tools.Subject research & ndash;& ndash;& ndash;Overloading roller linear guide rail pair has also has been widely used in the large CNC gantry milling machine, has the production capacity of the cutting of the slide guide of 6 m.Developed in addition to the scroll feature used in machine tool industry, han machine company also actively expand products in countries such as military, aerospace and automotive applications of key industries, such as: the development of precision ball screw pair has been in avic chengdu aircraft industrial (group) co., LTD., avic xi ‘an aircraft industry (group) co., LTD., hongdu aviation industry group co., LTD and heavy truck companies such as the key to use in the import and domestic, and its application in the high-end CNC machine tools.After years of use verify the actual working condition, the accuracy, performance and reliability indexes meet the requirement of machine tool supporting, get the recognition and praise of users, which proved that the homemade rolling features on performance index has reached the level of similar foreign product, can satisfy the practical production requirements.Through replace imported, enhance the domestic enterprise procurement, applied the confidence of the domestic scroll feature.In short, in the process of the implementation of the subject, through the research on key technology, han machine company promoted the technical level of domestic rolling features, and enhance the market competitiveness, narrowing the gap with the world advanced level, with the support of 04 special, developed by rolling feature is medium and high-end levels.Innovation ability and innovation consciousness significantly improved through the implementation of the subject, han machine company to enhance the independent innovation ability, enhance the innovation consciousness.Over the years, han machine company increasing technical input to the key department, always adhere to the & other;Production, study and research, use & throughout;Combining the research model, on the one hand, give full play to the institutions of higher learning in the aspect of basic theory, experimental platform construction of advantage;, on the other hand, actively cooperate with host machine tool enterprises, fully draw lessons from their installation and use of the scroll feature and performance verification of accumulated experience, so as to overcome a series of key technology and common technical problems, through the development of the technology lag, lack of capacity bottlenecks, makes the subject research results reached even surpassing goals, meet the needs of the domestic market.At present, han machine company has applied for 19 national patents, including 6 invention patents, 13 utility model patents, independent or participate in the enterprise standard and industry standard, a total of more than 20.Through the implementation of the subject, han machine company comprehensively enhance the management level of enterprises, established a highly efficient team of cadres and workers, to promote the sustainable development of the domestic rolling features laid a good foundation.Henceforth, han machine company will combine their own industry characteristics and development planning, to transformation and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment, product as the goal, in the prophase project research and development, on the basis of fully using performance test platform, high precision, efficient production lines, constantly optimize the structure of scroll feature products, improve process flow and process parameters, to speed up the narrowing gap with imported products, improve product technical level.Han machine (the original title: promoting scroll feature demonstration application fruitful) (source: China industry news)