Desen robot technology products fair here

Published on 2019-07-02

On September 27, shandong desen robot technology co., LTD., a phase precision leadscrew project products fair here.Tengzhou ding wei, director of the economic development zone management committee, standing committee of the municipal party committee wang qing to attend the meeting.Held the desen desen robot technology company product order robot shi jie exchange fair held in his speech, pointed out that science and technology products, machinery and machine tool industry as a key to build one hundred billion yuan of industrial cluster, su after development has become a product category is complete, the rich human resources, form a complete set of supporting system more perfect, have a certain core competitive advantages of industry.& other;Tengzhou manufacturing & throughout;Are leading machine tool companies to high-end, intelligent development.Various departments at all levels should further strengthen the consciousness of overall situation, the development of consciousness, service consciousness, efforts for the project construction to provide the most efficient service, creating the best environment, to form a powerful force to speed up the construction projects.Desen robotics companies to be powered by the order, further play a technical advantage and market advantage, aimed at industry development direction, investment, speed up scientific and technological innovation, constantly improve enterprise core competitiveness, built as early as possible the national first-class precision machine core components manufacturing enterprises.Desen robot technology companies hold the product order desen company is the production of ball screw machine tools and other precision mechanical driving core components, has many characteristics, such as high accuracy, reversibility and high efficiency.Project technology content high, growth potential is big, good economic benefits, to fill the gaps in mechanical su and even the whole machine tool industry.(the original title: desen robot technology company product order meeting held) (source: tengzhou daily)