Orbit transportation industry brings machine tool tool the ne

Published on 2019-07-02

The Chinese orbit liaison man that amazingly quick recruitsOrbit traffic of China from after of reforming and opening first time of 90 time evening is carried greatly fast begin, carry the 8th times when finish to 2011 fast, in orbit traffic all previous the course that one amazingly quick exhibits. Above sea is to Nanjing exemple, carry fast before whole journey wants 4~5 hour, at present the fastest need 1 hour only, speed already exceeded horary 350 kilometers; Also require 5 hours only to Beijing from Shanghai. 2012, germany is worn SCI Verkehr of name advisory orgnaization released research report to announce manufacturer of equipment of world orbit transportation created a field newly 2010 10 strong, the Che Yue austral China resides the whole world the first. South limited company of engine of lasher of car relative villa, it is the modern large company that is main product with manufacturing diesel locomotive of male line railroad. Main model has east wind 8, east wind 8B, east wind 11, the series diesel locomotive such as east wind 11G, HXN5. Carry before Chinese railroad 6 times fast engine basically is with south the DF11G that the car gives priority to diesel locomotive, come two years recently, railroad is carried fast give priority to with electric power engine. But diesel locomotive or the position that cannot replace what have it, carrying respect of fast freight engine especially. From which overall situation sets out, the demand of diesel locomotive is quite big still. Diesel locomotive has whole way about at present 19, many 000, in addition, high-power shunting engine is in at present each machine Wu paragraph be short of urgently with the big company such as colliery, oil, according to preliminary estimation, annual engine updates gross to be in 600 above (do not include what make an appointment with thousands of every year to repair locomotive) . The main component of orbit traffic machines difficulty brief solutionInvolve treatment of orbit traffic machine, opposite for the main component that has treatment difficulty is bodywork the engine such as axle sleeve of bogie, empty core takes a department, it is component of derv mechanism key additionally. Engine diesel engine is main component structure complex, production precision, form tolerancepublic errand and demand of exterior surface roughness are high (precision index is controlled in Ra0.4 of 5~7 class, surface roughness mostly) , the requirement has good interchangeability, wait like lid of airframe, crankshaft, connecting rod, cylinder, main purpose is to make sure engine moves in high speed in dependability good, durability safety factor is tall, high. With diesel engine key component is told, the relevant measure precision of a lot of component is in μ M class, this is before adv unimaginably, also be essential impracticable. Exemple 1: Introduce crankshaft: Full-length 4m above, weight is amounted to 2, 500kg, main shaft neck 250 (- 0.029~0) Mm, 0.06mm of full-length and jumpy quantity; Relevant form tolerancepublic errand, surface roughness asks to wait extremely severe; Main difficulty has the following: – demand of semifinished product extruding is high, shape demand of size of area of after blame treatment is high; – balance piece solders the requirement also is former in crankshaft had not been used; – because balance piece solders structure, increase to the equipment turn radius of machining, form tolerancepublic errand demand is high; – use sparge refrigeration normalizing + the heat treatment way that final surface nitrogen changes, to metabolic control has greater difficulty. Exemple 2: Awl of crankshaft accessory thin wall covers: Outside round 210 (- 0.03~0) × 160mm, the wall is large only 5~7mm, circularity 0.01mm; Main difficulty has the following: – the treatment that thin wall awl covers and control are out of shape; – 1 with flywheel flange: Of 50 taper cooperate to enclothe rate 80% reach interchangeability; – the control of interference asks to father (following graphs) . Basically add what tool has to provide elementary introductionMachining is by car, mill, dig, boring, auger, grind those who wait to machine means basically to form, around the different product, treatment working procedure that differs with same product, before the common device such as the lathe of the onefold treatment function that what people uses is a large number of traditional structures, milling machine, planer, boring machine, drilling machine, grinder. Along with technical development, the proportion that these common device place hold already dropped considerably, those who replace is machine tool of treatment of the numerical control lathe that gives priority to with odd axis and treatment of 2 axes linkage, vertical and numerical control of horizontal machining center. The development of product of random bed form a complete set and the development to relevant technology study, today’s numerical control machine tool had been changed to take dominant place by linkage of flexible, compound, much axis, high spirit, high speed. The car mill center that is like much axis linkage, boring mill center, along with move model grinder. And the characteristic that the function of the machine tool also follows cutting tool material and technology of software of production technology, computer, nicety to measure technology, fast servo to pull the development that uses a technology to have high speed, efficient treatment and intelligence. Besides, produce demand to get used to the product of the user, a few functions are mixed build technical across and economic of all kinds machine tool also arises. Be like: Laser and milling (DMG) knead close together; Che Xi and grinding (Wolunbeige) knead close together to wait a moment. In recent years, to get used to the market demand of ceaseless development, the car basically adds south or introduced a few homebred machining center of the vertical with the entrance, horizontal (fit a part: Lid of connecting rod, cylinder) ; Dragon door type machining center (fit a part: Airframe, structural frame) ; Che Xi machining center (fit a part: Camshaft, crankshaft) ; Boring mill machining center (fit a part: Hold axle box in the arms to wait) ; Crankshaft, camshaft is special grinder, and grinder of vertical double wheelhead. Machining center is had cover an area of an area small, an equipment can be touched 4, the function of 5 equipment; And treatment quality is high, reliability is high; Handlers physical strength is used up small wait for an advantage. Still be with crankshaft exemple, the car that mill center replaced a car to need to come true by ability of 6-7 stage machine tool before, mill, get, the treatment function such as enlarge, bore with a reamer, the treatment of aperture of all treatment of the main shaft neck that includes bent axle, connecting rod neck and brace, treatment of flange aperture, keyway treatment, whorl, advocate the treatment of oily aperture and inclined oil aperture, decreased to hold clip number, raised product precision, at the same time the tool of new to trial-produce product prepares to be able to be reduced greatly, the treatment of the machine tool is flexible strengthened greatly; Same, a crankshaft is followed use grinding machine, replaced original common and large cylindrical grinder and grinding machine of crankshaft of connecting rod neck, an equipment has the effect of two grinder, and cover an area of an area to have a grinding machine only only. Additional, numerical control is online measure also solved the measurement in be being machined before problem. Measurement unit of Marposs FENAR-L online diameter, can control the precision when online product is machined in real time, install exceed call the police automatically. In the meantime, on Dao Yi’s application, solved the precision to the knife, avoided to machine reject, rose to machine efficiency. Previously online measure even if stop machine handlers uses vernier calipers or inside, outside card is controlled by the experience of handlers; Senior worker worker (6 class above) also control in 0.02mm commonly, can arrive accurately to Dao Yi now μ M class, reliability is extremely high also. The application of compound cutting tool80 time, the cutting tool that machine treatment uses is to solder mostly cutting tool, cutting tool of mark of a few blame, also be to solder of the structure. Only at present minority is to solder cutting tool, the majority is machine clip cutting tool, shape assorted cutting tool, compound cutting tool. Use cutting tool in the advanced equipment place such as machining center especially, the 100% machine that are a standard place cutting tool and the machine that are not mark to place cutting tool. But the charge of cutting tool also is quite costly likewise. (the production cost proportion that the tool spends place to occupy is 5~15% . )Compound processing technique came true to machine working procedure to be centered relatively, reduced workpiece to repeat assemble and unassemble, location number, shorten treatment assists time, raised workpiece to machine precision and manufacturing efficiency, and facility amount decreases apparently, managing the producing area area of product line, make the crop of unit area has considerably rise, the labor intensity that also reduced a worker at the same time (quality of the culture that needs to increase a worker on the other hand of course, technology) . Additional, in compound treatment, use shaping compound cutting tool to machine a few coaxial to spend a requirement to tall aperture is fastened or be machined a few complex model the face also is quite general, it is by at precision tall, 2 it is treatment efficiency is tall. In Euramerican wait for machine of a few high end to machine a domain to be used quite generally, but manufacturer of You Wuzhong tool still has a few difference in production precision respect, still do not have promotion in railroad industry in recent years. This is a weak point that prospective development requires strengthen probably. Now besides inadequacy and the problem that should solve accordinglyTo Dao YiThe cutting tool that institute of each machine tool plant use is different, also have a difference to Dao Yi, one is opposite knife appearance wants 40~50 expensively 10 thousand, achieve even about a hundred 10 thousand; Cheap also want 3~5 much, did not bring inconvenience to treatment to Dao Yi, but every equipment also gives an user to bring additional responsibility to Dao Yi fully; In addition fault rate is high also. Often bad, repairing also is quite difficult. , such favours became bad thing. Shape (compound) of cutting tool order goodsShape cutting tool orders goods cycle grows, the price is high; Cutting tool of mark of a few blame wants 3 months longer even. Cutting tool chargeThe problem with very serious another is cutting tool charge too tall. It is with crankshaft exemple: Machine crankshaft of a finished product, center of mill getting on a car has 6~7 line process about, accumulative total of cutting tool fee is in 50 thousand yuan about / or so, cost of cutting tool cost is original a few times very consummate hundredfold. Ate off the advantage with low labour cost entirely so. Use an issue actuallyWhen the machine tool orders goods, discuss both sides communication to craft insufficient, bring about be checked and accept beforehand and eventually acceptable time span is long, and in check and accept after, the detail that comparative is put in the problem (on process designing, cutting tool is used on and the deviation on the foreign understanding to blueprint and craft) . Orbit traffic and machine tool manufacturing industry promote joint development each otherThe rapid development of orbit traffic, gave industry of machine tool equipment and corresponding tool industry to bring new development opportunity really. Held in Nanjing in April 2012 ” forum of height of treatment of metal of the 8th China International ” , this second height forum with ” times of stride whole solution ” give priority to a problem, discuss ardently what caused each expert learned man. At present medium enterprise, introducing advanced machine tool equipment and tool offspring, combine the special product of orbit traffic, still one is digested absorb and consolidate strengthened lengthy process. Produce administrator to one never is familiar with even to craft process designing, handlers especially, the advance gradually process that freelies to application again. Accordingly, how to become the technology division of good business, help enterprise will equip as soon as possible and tool investment is used and produce beneficial result quickly, such conversely, the product that gives oneself also established good figure, this is the new task that is placed before equipment manufacturer; How to master advanced equipment technology quickly at the same time, also be medium the abiding task that business client place faces. The development of future of orbit transportation manufacturing industry, along with the development of machine tool manufacturing industry ceaseless development; Along with the diverse demand of all trades and professions develop ceaselessly. Green and diversity (the requirement of contented and different user) , noise low, pollution is little, low oily cost, low discharge (contented Tier Ⅳ discharges a requirement) and having high reliability also is the target that diesel locomotive design makes. South the means that plan of limited company of engine of lasher of car relative villa is passed and international cooperates, try hard ceaselessly toward this direction.