China becomes world machine tool to stand for war field indus

Published on 2018-03-27

Industry of our country machine tool maintains tall scene bearing first half of the year, accumulative total produces 420 thousand, grow 24.2% compared to the same period, among them machine tool of cutting of numerical control metal grows 35% compared to the same period, our country metal machines a machine tool to import amount to grow 56.5% considerably compared to the same period first half of the year, demonstrative manufacturing industry invests demand still exuberant. Machine tool of Kunming of bibcock of numerical control machine tool rushs for a time tall 6% , development of plain of the Qin Dynasty goes up amount to 2% above, shenyang machine tool dish in also pull quickly tall. Market competition is intense, manufacturing cost is elevatory, these elements become the matter of small profits of machine tool industry. because of such, the strategic program of the breakthrough of core technology and enterprise appears particularly important. It is raw material price rises ceaselessly above all, manpower cost is higher and higher, namely product cost raises continuously. But at the same time, company of world strong opponent makes the strategy of low cost product enter China with hi-tech in succession, coessential change competitive aggravate, china becomes success or failure of industry of concern world machine tool stand for war, this will make we face intense market competition. Accordingly, be based on above judgement, net of Chinese machine tool ( thinks, times of small profits of industry of our country machine tool has come, want to had done the work of the following respects. 1, raise machine mass and dependability. According to investigation, large automobile factory is about one day like shutdown the ten million on loss production value yuan, because this user is right the dependability demand of the machine tool is very high. The important data that examines index of machine tool dependability is average time to failure, majority of foreign machine tool exceeds 10 thousand hours, and homebred machine tool far under this number. Luo Baihui expresses, homebred machine tool is carrying high yield to character is measured and ensure dependability respect firm makes great efforts, recapture the market with real operation. 2, ensure date of delivery. The date of delivery that a when why the user chooses foreign machine tool main reason is homebred machine tool cannot satisfy need. Enterprise of domestic machine tool from receive order to arrive leave factory delivery, general need 3~6 lunar time. The user wants to buy a machine tool, wish to take money the following day. Company of our country machine tool should study advanced experience of the foreign country, optimize a design, reasonable adjust manufacturing organization, leave no stone unturned shortens the date of delivery of the product, satisfy user need. 3, the level on technical development. From this year machine tool of 4 months entrance sees the head, the entrance is in the majority with machine tool of medium, high-grade numerical control. Accordingly, the home market that should improve homebred machine tool is had rate, should work steadily, machine tool of the high speed that market of much development production is badly in need of, compound, nicety, intelligence, environmental protection. 4, the country should increase pair of machine tool trades give aid to strength. Industry of machine tool tool is the fundamental industry of national economy, it is one of important signs of standard of industry of a nation. The country should revitalize equipment manufacturing industry, want to revitalize industry of machine tool tool above all, net of Chinese machine tool ( suggests the country should continue to increase industry of pair of machine tool tool give aid to strength, change in ability of taxation, national debt, scientific research tackles key problem wait for a respect to give policy to tilt.