Check of manage of inspect of metaphase of grinder of cranksh

Published on 2018-03-27

Via examining the spot and product, this project executive case is good; Product technology index all is achieved or exceed contract target, economic norms exceeds contract target entirely. This is group of expert of organization of office of province science and technology the assessment that to Jiangxi limited company of outstanding gram machine tool assumes project of grinder of crankshaft of numerical control of MK8260 of project of foundation of innovation of technology of the science and technology that implement medium and small businesses to undertake metaphase inspect manage checks earning to go out.

Fund of innovation of technology of science and technology medium and small businesses is approval of classics the State Council is established, the government that is used at supporting technology of science and technology medium and small businesses to innovate is special fund. Grinder of crankshaft of MK8260 numerical control is car and internal-combustion engine industry the equipment of crucial finish machining of main component crankshaft. The main innovation dot of this product has technology of nap of linkage of two axes numerical control to innovate, cylinder is static press slideway not to have seal ring sealed technology innovates, rear push frame with top sleeve innovation of 0 clearance structure and structure of automatic graduation clamping apparatus innovate. 4 innovation technology already won patent. The key new product that hall of Jiangxi province science and technology organizes and appraisal of achievement of science and technology, expert appraisal conclusion: Congener product is lead inside dependency level.

This project is carried out period for two years, come from October 2009 namely in September 2011, in March 2010 by project approving of ministry of science and technology. The company asks strictly according to project contract, accomplish capital, technology, personnel to match 3 reach the designated position, the project is able to exceed a plan to carry out. The technical innovation that is a foundation with grinder of crankshaft of MK8260 numerical control especially and range of products are changed, the product takes war industry order form, came true to replace an entrance. Crankshaft of MK8260 numerical control is ground still obtained Jiangxi to save first prize of outstanding new product and Jiangxi to save new product of outstanding science and technology.

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