The evolution of Russia machine tool industry appears shape a

Published on 2019-07-02

[hardware net] a few days ago, the facility of Russia international machine tool that association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool visited to be held in Moscow and metal machine trade fair MATALLOOBRABOTKA2011, to Russia machine tool industry development undertook making an on-the-spot investigation. Introduce according to association of Russia machine tool, 2008 ~ 2009, suffer financial crisis effect, russia machine tool industry glides badly, second half of the year began to pick up 2010. Anabiosised in the round as Russia economy 2010, auto industry grows 27% , machine tool industry grows 14% .

Russia government published two policy general to urge action actively to arriving since the development of Russia machine tool industry: It is 2011 ~ the government will invest 1 billion dollar to machine tool industry 2016, among them 750 million dollar is used at product development, 250 million dollar is used at technical reformation, raise Russia to have the making capacity of machine tool industry. The target is to develop new product every year 50 ~ 60 kinds. Give out the new product that come to grinding, congener machine tool limits an import inside 3 years. Rose on July 1, 2011, use at the machine tool of national defence war industry, want home to have not concessional import of production only, be in charge of examining by machine tool association. 2 it is to rose 5 years 2011 inside, russia government will throw 300 billion dollar to be used at the construction of power facilities and nuclear power plant, basically use at purchasing equipment. In the meantime, 10 years Neieluosi equips in the military affairs respect (machine tool, warship) will invest 900 billion dollar, among them the technical reformation that 400 billion dollar will use at the foundation to equip, this shows, russia machine tool industry will get the support with all-time government and huge market are pulled move. Produce the rise to Russia machine tool industry main effect undoubtedly, also will bring corresponding business chance to industry of global machine tool.

Exhibit the current situation that association of meeting machine tool discovers to Russia machine tool industry develops through attending, overall to our country with company of numerical control system for contain not little market opportunity. Association thinks industry of our country machine tool should produce oneself advantage, use the opportunity that transition of Eastern European country expands, seek annex of technical collaboration, commerce collaboration, financing, investment actively to propose the way such as the factory, blend in hamster market as soon as possible.

1, exhibit cannot see Russia Laoguo has brand of machine tool company on the meeting, wait like factory of machine tool of gules proletarian, Leningrad, whether had these enterprises exited historical arena unknown. In exhibit a stage to go up to exhibit business inquiry to Russia, have those who say to had closed down, also have say 90 time company produced very big change, already turned to other industry, visible before the factory of Russia machine tool with celebrated fame produces machine tool product to already became a fact no longer.

2, Russia is medium or small industry of machine tool tool is rising, in amount to of item on display of machine tool of cheap numerical control is more, product of machine tool of high-grade numerical control still is in in start level, in the product that exhibiting the exhibit that there is class on the meeting still is Germany, Japan, Switzerland, without dazzling Russia product.

3, modelling of exterior of item on display of machine tool of Russia part numerical control is not quite elegant with modernization, but the treatment quality that still can show better craft level and part, do not break the image of Russia product tall tigidity, wear well. In exhibit item on display of a Russia also sees on the meeting, have apparent Chinese product feature, doubt is the product that stick a card, but exhibit business to give negative, we think relation of this kind of collaboration has been produced not without the likelihood.

4, system of Russia numerical control is relatively backward, still do not have the numerical control system of own brand. Exhibit can go up to exhibit without system of separate Russia numerical control already, also do not have the machine tool of system of numerical control of Russia of form a complete set. Exhibiting numerical control machine tool basically distributes the foreign system such as FANUC, SIEMENS. According to current situation of system of our country numerical control, with in system of cheap numerical control enters Russia market, in be, form a complete set of machine tool of cheap numerical control is completely likely.

5, from exhibit see on the meeting, industry of the advanced production technology of Russia, numerical control lags behind at the developed country far, be inferior to our country current level even. From exhibit business and current situation of item on display to look, russia machine tool industry is lying transition period, the product of most enterprise is changing transition to numerical control. When speaking of level of numerical control engraving tool, they admit as advanced as the world level has difference, seeking technology and commerce cooperation, catch up with international advanced level.

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