China develops development to give lathe of numerical control

Published on 2019-07-02

Lathe of numerical control of much main shaft is expect in former horizontal club much axis is automatic lathe (Horizontal Multi-Spindle Bar Automatics) on the foundation, introduce numerical control technology to develop the high-tech product of development. Phylogeny of lathe of Chinese much axisChina from 50 time end begin to produce much axis lathe at the beginning of 60 time, at that time Shenyang the much axis lathe of the Russia before mapping of factory of the 3rd machine tool, to 64 years oneself develop the C2132.6 that 32mm club expects to throw batch to produce. To 90 time end, factory of the 3rd machine tool regards Shenyang as the manufacturer that China produces much axis lathe exclusively, offerred for the industry such as car, bearing, war industry arrive from 16mm the much axis lathe of all sorts of 63mm norms is close 7000, the economy that is in China produced main effect in construction. 80 time, lathe of Chinese much axis infiltrates successfully international market, export Romania early or late many 400, the United States is close 40, still export the middle east area such as Iran, Yemen. Shenyang innovation numerical control sets the CK2120X6 that has limited company is developed independently, it is the lathe of numerical control of much main shaft that norms expects for 20mm club, it is high-tech product, this product get more the blank of lathe of much axis of Chinese numerical control, it is to raise the machine of the efficient, automation with indispensable level of Chinese manufacturing industry to add equipment. 6 main shaft of CK2120X6 numerical control latheLathe of numerical control of much main shaft acceded the advantage with efficient, automatic lathe of traditional machinery much axis, overcame machinery much axis lathe is flexible poor defect. Lathe of machinery much axis is controlled by cam, it needs example knife and whorl to add etc a large number of special cutting tool and add a treatment that will complete a part, the production of the spare parts prepares and change batch of workload big, cycle is long. Numerical control much axis replaced cam drive with advanced servo electric machinery, with numerical control means of linear interpolation, circular arc interpolation is over model face and thread machining, replaced model with standard cutting tool knife and special add, reduced finished cost, shortened production plans time. Mix with precision, efficiency here flexible 3 index, much axis of lathe of numerical control of much to machinery axis, odd main shaft and numerical control makes quite: 6 main shaft of CK2120X6 count the main shaft that accuses lathe to rouse body to work of 6 main shaft, the machine tool finishs loop of a job, system of main shaft sound turns 60 ° , clip holds the club in working main shaft to expect ordinal course is versed in 6 times the treatment of vertical, horizontal tool carrier, aperture of whorl of face of the circle outside the turning that finish, end panel, figuration, grooving, car and bore, bore with a reamer, tap, the machine tool is in cut off labour still can install capture to add a the reverse side of treatment spare parts, complete the whole process of a spare parts. 6 labour when the machine tool works vertical, horizontal ten cutting tool at the same time cutting, of the machine tool send the auxiliary movement such as makings, clip makings and cutting work treatment synchronism undertakes, the machine tool has very tall work efficiency, the shortest sheet handling time has 2-3 second only. Because workpiece is machined entirely,finish in holding clip, assured to machine quality. Began 2004, the technical difficulty of much to developing numerical control axis and market prospect made limited company of Shenyang innovation numerical control analyse argumentation in the round, be opposite at the same time crucial structure 3 tine dish fixed position did testing stand to have intermediate test, tackle key problem through the technology, mastered much experience and data, for numerical control the development of much axis new product lays next foundations. The development of product of lathe of numerical control much axis, laid contemporary world advanced level above all, make one pace reach the designated position, the numerical control much axis of German DMG, INDEX and Swiss TORNOS basically has two kinds of forms: Drive of a kind of main shaft still is traditional pattern, namely 6 main shaft by a servo advocate electric machinery is driven, when a few main shaft when main shaft gearshift at the same time gearshift; Another kind is more advanced report main shaft, the speed of main shaft can be controlled alone, what can realize odd main shaft expediently is directional jockey and gearshift. Hind a kind of means although more the spare parts that gets used to treatment to the craft such as chamfer of transverse bore, mill asks, but machine tool structure complex, cost is high, and this kind of spare parts is not much, much axis of this kind of numerical control is had in the market rate is less, the lathe of numerical control of TORNOST much main shaft of the Switzerland that Chinese near future introduces compares tall the first sort for sexual price model. The technology attacks the central Shaanxi plain, the treatment that main shaft rouses aperture of 6 main shaft and aperture of a center is most crucial. Main shaft beats the heart that is much axis lathe, it is the foundation that makes sure machine tool spare parts machines precision. Main shaft of lathe of German much axis rouses precision of 7 opening position to be 0.002-0.003mm, main shaft of lathe of Russia much axis rouses precision of 7 opening position to be 0.005mm before, homebred 7 aperture precision is much axis main shaft 0.007mm. Main shaft of new product CK2120X6 rouses precision of 7 opening position to be 0.005mm surely, main shaft beat is in Switzerland on the west the treatment on general coordinate boring also can achieve 0.01mm left and right sides only, company of innovation numerical control used the own technology such as model of high accuracy boring and high accuracy dial to solve this one difficult problem. Working main shaft is the another important part that makes sure the machine tool works normally. Because CK2120X6 norms is small, rotate speed of requirement main shaft should achieve 6000rpm, the assembly of the treatment of aperture of this pair of main shaft and main shaft raised very tall requirement, company of innovation numerical control designed advanced sleeve main shaft, the difficulty that simplifies to machine and be assembled, sleeve main shaft is the working unit that designs main shaft into an independence, sleeve main shaft main shaft, bearing, lie between cover and main shaft is sealed wait for a spare parts to be installed inside a sleeve, as an independent component, sleeve main shaft is assembled before machine tool general assembly and the test is finished, can make sure quality is mixed better simplify assemble craft. Much axis lathe because much, cutting measures cutting tool big, work in much cutting juice in the main shaft when the machine tool works, requirement main shaft is sealed be close friends, cover brief main shaft to serve as independent component, main shaft is sealed had made more easily. The whirl of main shaft by advocate electric machinery passes leather belt annulus to be passed to central transmission shaft, the tail end of central transmission shaft holds central gear wheel, central gear wheel and clench the teeth of circumjacent gear of 6 main shaft will advocate the roll of electric machinery is passed to 6 jobs main shaft, top rotate speed is working main shaft 6000 turn, at this moment the linear velocity that central gear wheel moves is close to 50 meters / second, traditional below so high rate lubricant pattern does not act well completely, company of innovation numerical control uses spray early or late the method such as lubricant pump and lube of high-pressured ration eject comes to lubricant, electromagnetism solve this one difficult problem, high speed gear is lubricant the settlement of the problem, not only captured lathe of numerical control much axis advocate the key of transmission, similar to solving its rigid structure also has common sense. Numerical control system is the another key of new product success or failure, what lathe of numerical control of 6 main shaft chooses CK2120X6 is German Rexroth (Li Shile) the system of MTX numerical control of the company, MTX system has 12 NC passageway to be able to execute 12 missions at the same time, control 64 servo axis, can appoint 32 to give priority to an axis at most. Systematic program block handles time to be less than 1ms, it is a kind of many process, collateral control, tall answer, the high-grade number system of high spirit; In new product, the compound tool carrier that system of numerical control of Li Shile MTX controls 5 two coordinate, tool carrier of an odd coordinate and 6 tools main shaft, in all axis of 17 linear servo; Control advocate main shaft of 4 electric machinery, tools rotates electric machinery and electric machinery of a dislocation rotate 6 times in all servo axis, in all 23 servo axis. Lathe of numerical control of much main shaft is a kind of high accuracy, efficient machine tool, it has ten processes axis of a few servo works at the same time, ask to be planted in a few seconds inside finish loop of a job, the computational processing that traditional numerical control system controls an axis to each can pass CPU to give each the axis by order allocation only, can produce delay so, assure handling time of each cutting tool very hard match, if defer increases fixed rate, cause real value and error of theoretical value generation, fall bottom treatment precision. MTX system is system of advanced much passageway, collateral control, it used the theory of a kind of alleged and fictitious cam, control directly to each servo, beardless other handles changeover, avoided treatment to the process is compiled mediumly and be calculated, removed the defer factor in control, the very good control that got used to CK2120X6 asks. Foreground of industrialization of lathe of numerical control much axisBe in China, use tradition much axis is most is the industry such as car, bearing, war industry, still medical apparatus and instruments and warm equipment of machinery of tractor, spin, water, electroacoustic equipment wait. One steam, 2 steam are the user with the biggest lathe of past tradition much axis, production is sold like head of tire nut, ball wait for a car to be not tender bid; A few be car plant form a complete set if the industry also uses much axis lathe oil pump oily chew, sparkplug in great quantities; Factory of oily chew of Beijing oil pump builds a plant from time to tome lathe of many 70 many axis, without oil of stannic oil pump chew factory also used many much axis lathe, nanjing electromagnetism factory machines sparkplug housing with much axis. Additionally autocycle industry also is worth to pay close attention to, machinery plant of Chongqing red world machines autocycle bearing with much axis lathe. In bearing industry, harbin bearing plant and Luoyang bearing plant are the big user that uses much axis lathe, there was much axis lathe in the past nearly 100, luoyang bearing plant uses a machine tool the transfer matic of 308 bearing treatment of line of couplet of lathe of 3 factories much axis is transfer matic of the first machining of countrywide, the 16 millimeter club that 3 factories develop the machine tool expects small norms is much axial C2116.6, wait for bearing plant technically to machine miniature bearing ferrule for Guizhou rainbow hill, take in Fuzhou, Xiamen as we have learned, the manufacturer that produces bearing of this kind of miniature is very much. About war industry industry, the circumstance with more application of much axis lathe is fusee of treatment artillery shell, also treatment artillery shell plays body and cartridge case, anqing installs a company to machine what 30 boat prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan to bomb put oneself in another’s position with overmuch axis lathe on the west, 724 factories also are using Shenyang much axis lathe. The small axis of IT industry (accurate axis) treatment, the major now axis that use sheet is automatic lathe, if use lathe of numerical control much axis, below the circumstance that can make these companies are not raising an area, process capability turns over times, such manufacturer is very much, dalian shows accurate axis plant greatly is a scale of production is bigger. In foreign market respect the most hopeful it is North America area. The United States is much axis lathe have the state with maximum amount, have about of all kinds much axis lathe more than 60 thousand, lying now eliminate newer level, the country such as the United States and Canada should import much axis lathe from Europe now, because the price is too high and cannot introduce in great quantities. The lathe of machinery much axis that factory of the 3rd machine tool produces former Shenyang, after afterwards exports Romania, 90 time begin to infiltrate American market, 3 factories and United States open the machine tool at that time come (the company signed CALEB) to be sold in the United States homebred the agreement of much axis lathe, the KEY company that repairs much axis lathe through a of the United States later sold nearly 40 in the United States early or late homebred much axis lathe. Lathe of numerical control of much main shaft solved machinery much axis is flexible poor problem, get used to current product to change fast situation. Use company of lathe of old machine much axis in great quantities as the past replace a product, have very great market potential. Come nearly ten years, the automobile industry of a lot of abroad infiltrates Chinese market, in home investment builds the business of the factory, the craft that often asks to press abroad is chosen deserve to machine equipment. Lathe of numerical control of much main shaft because it is efficient and automatic machine quality with what assured a spare parts, it is the first selection of facilities of treatment of spare parts of a lot of cars. Transmission shaft of Shanghai treasure steel and Canada’s joint-stock division treasure car the factory is a model, the manufacturing technology that Canadian investment just asks to press Canada deploys lathe of numerical control of much main shaft, as a result of the advantage of price of much axis of homebred numerical control, the lathe of numerical control much axis that a lot of industries ever expressed to will use us, similar such circumstance is being returned have a lot of. Current, use at machine the numerical control skill that adds equipment is mature with each passing day, china buys system of a few high-grade numerical control to also accept restriction no longer, this is an advantage that develops lathe of numerical control of much main shaft. 6 main shaft of CK2120X6 count the standard that controlled lathe to represent national manufacturing industry not only, also be a good marketable quality with market great potential. At present congener product price of Europe is in 600 control to 15 million RMB, and homebred numerical control much axis is in only 200 arrive between 3 million RMB, a few companies of this price home can be accepted, also have very strong competition ability in the international market. Lathe of numerical control of much main shaft is the equipment of a kind of efficient automation, to rising manpower is mixed of resource of goods and materials use, raising Chinese machine to increase the treatment level of the industry is a necessary product, economy and social benefit are being shown.