Lathe of 4 axes chuck shortens treatment is periodic

Published on 2018-03-27

Graph the delay time holding card that lathe of 4 axes chuck can reduce a hardware to the greastest extent, main shaft can use a level or perpendicular direction installation accuses chuck lathe when 4 number of axle when correct application, can offer a spare parts to pack the function of 0 delay time that card needs. Because be in cutting when two main shaft,this is of treatment when condition, two main shaft can install the others the part that needs treatment. Let us imagine the HMC(horizontal machining center that contains tray to exchange a function) the treatment circumstance of the machine tool. Be in when this machine tool on a tray when treatment workpiece, in the preparative work that another tray outside HMC is in next work. Accordingly, when the position that is exchanging them when two tray only, just produce delay time phenomenon possibly. Now, let us imagine lathe of a 4 axes turns in tetragonal graduation bracket again rouse the treatment circumstance on. This kind of bracket turns bosomy function exchanges device function with the tray on HMC machine tool roughly identical. Two when it can make 4 main shaft medium are in airtight treatment in the environment, and at the same time turning processes two work. Right now, be in treatment the workpiece that two main shaft outside the area can use manual, manipulator or machine of the makings on dragon door type installs need to machine. After finishing turning to machine when a pair of main shaft of workpiece amid, bracket turns beat begin graduation operation, the rest two main shaft of new work send treatment area inside. The cycle that wants turning to process an operation only exceeds the installation time of new work, have only so turn in main shaft bracket the delay time phenomenon that the ability in graduation process of beat can produce a few seconds. The Bill Camloh of company of Camloh Machinery Solutions, jr. The gentleman listed this kind of turning machines the 3 big advantages of platform: The first, the part with this kind of OK and a lot of sparer machine tool holds calorie of time; The 2nd, when the treatment cycle that goes up when face of A of a workpiece and B face is in lopsided condition, use this kind of machine tool treatment is very effective; The 3rd, no matter workpiece is to use manual installation, still get stuck through automatic outfit, the cycle that wants turning treatment only exceeds the installation time of workpiece, so the manufacturing efficiency of the machine tool is just the same. Mr Camloh sells a company in the machine tool of new York LaFayette, the lathe of chuck of 4 axes numerical control that this company offers Japanese Kitako company to make (the parent company of Kitako company is Kitagawa company) . This kind of machine tool is imported through company of machine tool of American SB Machine Tools. Mr Camloh introduced the design of lathe of chuck of this kind of 4 axes in detail in the article, listed an example, how does the specification use this kind of machine tool to raise the production that processes periodic and complete different work to machine efficiency. The lathe of 4 axes chuck of the design Kitako company of lathe of 4 axes chuck is to be in what this company designs production on the foundation of 3 axes machine tool formerly. The outfit that lathe of this kind of 3 axes can use at rough machining, finish machining and workpiece at the same time normally gets stuck. Bracket turns beat have enough space to install the 4th main shaft, then this company raised a main shaft again on this lathe, in order to suit more compound turning machines large-scale. All sorts of lathe that Kitako company can offer main shaft to be decorated for horizontal and vertical. The chuck diameter limits of center lathe is 8in) of ~ of 100 ~ 200mm(4. If will look from the angle that operates personnel, the arranges as it happens to face operation personnel place of main shaft. Vertical lathe is used at the turning of big, medium-sized workpiece to machine normally, the chuck diameter range that its offer is 15in) of ~ of 200 ~ 380mm(8. The design of the machine tool can get used to the demand that automation handles, the treatment facilities that also can serve as a key or install manufacturing site through changing one’s costume or dress. According to the estimation of Mr Camloh, in many 500 machine tool that exports the United States, the machine tool that 90% is control contains automation system. It is the formal installation that includes with a project normally machine of the makings on type of door of a dragon (thin arm, double arm or 3 arms) . Return the arm of dragon gantry crane that can supply double independence, the manipulator that go up as the machine tool and installs on the floor in that way. Calorie of system is installed to go up to still can install barometer or bougie in these spare partses, so that be divided in discharge,undertake metrical to the spare parts when the spare parts. For example, in can carrying these message control system, with compensating tatty cutting tool automatically.

The watch uses lathe of 4 axes chuck and double axis lathe to machine the circumstance of cast-iron cover to compare Operation 4 axes block turning bed Double axis lathe

A face spare parts of handling time 59s59s assembles and unassemble face of 1.5s0sB of time of graduation of time 0s12s bracket spare parts of handling time 23s23s assembles and unassemble 1.5s0s of time of graduation of time 0s12s bracket always machines periodic 42.5s/ 71s/ the machine tool is normal
Two main shaft of the job in area of treatment of run time 98%32% are by its of itself turn tower or assorted cutting tool provide a service. Assorted cutting tool is used at the production of big batch spare parts commonly. Of the standard turn the tower has 8 industry commonly, and contain 10 worker worker turn tower, can have reach 5 worker worker mobile cutting tool. Whether to use mobile cutting tool to should depend on auger cut, the time that operation of tap etc treatment needs. Mr Camloh says: “If this paragraph of time held the one much with overall periodic treatment, so undertake on milling machine treatment will have greater sense is not turning. The value that because this is met,makes the spare parts reduces place of the time that hold card to bring disappears danger. ” for example, in integral treatment cycle briefer case falls, the new work of 15s installs calorie of time to have great sense. However, what operate inside to including mobile cutting tool is longer treatment cycle, the time of this 15s appears so not important. Typical turning uses range lathe of 4 axes chuck is not certain agree with only the treatment need of big batch workpiece. Mr Camloh says: “The batch that the bed also agrees with to be controlled 500 times machines chuck car. ” this chuck lathe normally treatment application limits is as follows:

    The spare parts of a type can be in 4 all chuck (undertake turning is operated in AA/AA) ; In a chuck at the same time turning machines the A face of a spare parts, it is in another chuck (AB/AB) turning is same the B face of the spare parts; In two chuck at the same time turning machines the A face of a spare parts, be in additional in two chuck (AA/BB) turning is same the B face of the spare parts.

Machine cycle in A face and B face especially relatively longer with treatment operation lopsided circumstance falls, the lathe that uses 4 axes to design a form is most effective to the treatment of afore-mentioned the last example. According to the cast-iron cover that lists in the watch treatment has a consideration. The A face turning of these spare partses, boring and prejudicial auger cut treatment cycle to be 59s, and the boring of B face and cycle of end panel treatment are 23s. The spare parts installs calorie of time 12s. The A face that if use the turning of a main shaft of lathe of a double axis,machines this spare parts, turning of another main shaft machines the B face of same part, so the main shaft that machines B face is about the time of unused 36s. It must await another main shaft to finish grow the treatment that amounts to 59s to operate. Can see from inside this example, the treatment that completes a part needs the time of 71s, the outfit that because overall treatment cycle is equal to the longest treatment operation time,adds a part blocks time. On the other hand, undertaking when lathe of 4 axes chuck AA/BB processes an operation when, its are overall on the foundation that machines cycle to build the average treatment cycle in A face and B face. After the A face of two spare partses completes treatment, bracket is met to the others two main shaft undertake graduation, begin the B face treatment to additionally two spare partses. Can see from this example, every machine two spare partses to need 85s. This makes clear, the handling time that completes each part is 42.5s. In addition, the main shaft utilization rate of lathe of 4 axes chuck was achieved 98% , and the main shaft utilization rate of double axis lathe is achieved only 32% .