Homebred Shanghai of lathe of numerical control of neck of fi

Published on 2018-03-27

    Limited company develops plant of Shanghai heavy-duty machine tool successfully recently made 2 CK61125 × lathe of numerical control of neck of 6500 crankshaft main shaft. This machine tool has the characteristic such as easy control of high speed, efficient, quality, can shorten apparently crankshaft treatment is periodic, solved domestic high-power diesel engine difficult problem of craft of special crankshaft treatment.  

    6500 crankshaft of CK61125 × lathe of numerical control of main shaft neck according to Germany company of pattern of Wo Lun shellfish designs a standard to undertake designing, use 3 slideway form, central tall 675mm, procrastinate board on 1000mm of diameter of the biggest circumgyrate, the biggest treatment grows degree of 6500mm, 10t of weight of the biggest crankshaft (2 tips) . Machine workpiece circularity 0.005mm, machine dimension precision IT6, m of μ of Ra1.6 of exterior surface roughness, the round cylinder outside fine vehicle spends 0.015/300mm.  

    Shanghai serious chance still developed a variety of special components for the machine tool, if slippage type C center is worn, can assure the bearing tigidity demand of cutting already, the convenience sex that can satisfy workpiece of outfit, discharge again asks, 150 ~ of bearing limits Φ Φ 350. In addition, according to neck of crankshaft main shaft treatment nods the characteristic of thorough workpiece, develop special multitask bit body, after cooperating with tool carrier of numerical control horizontal, can satisfy main shaft neck to machine the successive treatment of the dot individually, improve treatment efficiency considerably.