Manufacturing industry is production powerful nation ”

Published on 2018-03-27

   Review pop chart of latter China plute, regret the ground discovers, it is land agent for the most part. State enterprise is ranked on the world most before leaning also be the forestall sex industry such as oil, finance, telecommunication, can reflect the field of national actual strength truly, besides spaceflight, aviation of other such as, shipping, mechanical, IT, almost blank.   

Someone call China ” world plant ” , the England hundreds of years ago once also was crossed by such appellation. But simple analogy can discover, in those days England is the manufacturing industry with oneself, in a steady stream offers goods for the world ceaselessly, arrive from large warship cloth 0 miscellaneous, almost all-embracing.  

Today although China also is being produced for the whole world, but it is supplied materials treatment however for the most part, or it is the blueprint according to the other side and standard, produce occupational home market jointly. Be in England ” world plant ” at the back of, it is to develop highly, system of red-blooded capitalist industry and commerce; Compare and character, today’s China is only actually ” world processing factory ” just. No matter be tradition or modern manufacturing industry, china and world still are having huge gap. As a result of this difference, china divides the work mediumly in economic globalization, it is at profit food chain medium lowest is carried.  

Reforming and opening is close 30 years, our economy has very great progress really, but a lot of domains still do not own completely own intellectual property. A few should be become ” pillar ” the strategic industry such as car, aviation, shipping, computer, also become the pillar of national economy truly without which, form deeper and deeper rely to foreign technology instead. This kind of state makes a person anxious.  

Manufacturing industry is to forging of powerful nation essential, strategic industry is the pillar that realizes big country to rise abruptly, it is basic historical common sense.  

Clinton of the president before the United States says: Aircraft carrier is the nib of national politics. But have this pen point, it is backing with powerful industrial actual strength. When this age bound, the desire that has peace solely is no good, must want to have authentic actual strength. This actual strength is modern technology and industrial system. It won’t talk, however everybody is understood.