Qin Chuanhua promotes a machine tool 4 lathe new product passes appraisal

Published on 2018-03-27

Machining center of lathe of vertical of numerical control of center lathe of the center lathe of CK6140 numerical control that Jiangsu saves saline city Qin Chuanhua to promote a machine tool, HT360 numerical control, VT600, VMC850 vertical passed Jiangsu to save appraisal of new product and achievement of science and technology recently. Appraisal committee was listening to an enterprise to prepare the report of the circumstance, examined data of concerned technology file, examined prototype, made an on-the-spot investigation to produce spot hind to think consistently: The appraisal data that the enterprise provides is complete, normative, product structure reasonable, operation convenient, on the safe side, machine mass of product classics country is supervised detect the center examines, place check project achieves the requirement that national relevant specification sets, user use report is favorable. The enterprise has perfect quality guarantee system, technological equipment and test method are all ready. The 4 products specifications that appraisal committee thinks saline city Qin Chuanhua promotes machine tool limited company to develop development reachs the banner level of domestic congener product, agree consistently to pass provincial new product and appraisal of achievement of science and technology. Qin Chuanhua encourages wind report project of special machine tool is group of plain of the Qin Dynasty and our city Hua Xing group build a project in all. The project always invests 700 million yuan, cover an area of 156 mus, floor area is close 60 thousand square metre, report of wind of production of main research and development is special the equipment such as the machine tool.