Homebred machine tool applies the problem of circumstance and existence to analyse

Published on 2019-07-02

Homebred machine tool puts the issue that be inSummary is Baconian rise, putting in with homebred machine tool a few more the following specific issue: · precision maintains a gender bad: Much home user is mirrorred, precision of homebred equipment treatment drops faster, equipment fault rate is more. · dependability needs to strengthen: Component of unit of homebred numerical control system, drive power source, lubricant cooling system, control, function more or less to exist dependability problem. · certain machine tool needs to undertake improvement on the design: The user is mirrorred, on design of certain machine tool endless and reasonable, cause certain part in use to be damaged easily. The electric design that returns some machine tools is incommensurate the working environment of area of southern damp and hot, bring about breakdown frequency hair. · makes quality be badly in need of rising: Certain product, because make quality close nevertheless, using period of time and repair after a few breakdown, the main shaft rotate speed that decides formerly must call the discount of the half. Return some machine tools, when certain rotate speed is reached inside rotate speed limits of the regulation, treatment becomes not stable, and noise is very big. Reflecting product problem while, the user still puts forward the service of machine tool enterprise to remain to rise further and be improved. Many user in survey is mirrorred, enterprise of some machine tools serves when machine tool occurrence problem not seasonable, some service personnel will for many times cannot solve a problem thoroughly however. Mirrorred machine tool enterprise to need to take servive routine seriously more, increase the technical level of field service personnel and processing capacity. Through comparing the different characteristic of supplier of domestic and international machine tool, the user still puts forward enterprise of a few machine tools to need to be changed somewhat on sale concept. Among the communication before making work for example, domestic company often introduces him mainly finalize the design product, the treatment demand that the hope can go to a variety of differring handling an user with a kind of product. And enterprise of foreign famous machine tool is the specific technology requirement that is aimed at an user commonly, recommend to the user spend a body to have something made to order even what its want a product. When signing a contract, the requirement that domestic company raises to the user often replies a lot of more racily than the foreign trader, but cannot cash finally one by one however, make an user disappointed. Of course, there also is the business that does very well in supplier of domestic machine tool, after the machine tool designs plan to come out, undertake careful delibrate with user respect, talk things over in the products plan later and the technology that the both sides in production process also carries regular, develop the product that come out so, use rise very conveniently. From inside survey understanding arrives, a lot of countries in producing high-grade itself applies in the success of key user, it is both sides of supply and demand include each other, the successful collaboration example of mutual understanding. Field of user of a paragraph of period is right henceforth the demand situation of equipmentEach key field is right the demand side of product of machine tool tool, different user has different key. The user that comes from domain of aviation, spaceflight put forward to compare specific equipment requirement, the treatment machine tool that waits for difficult treatment material in the light of titanium alloy, high temperature alloy respectively and aluminium alloy and the treatment facilities that compose material part, include large aluminous structural member to machine a machine tool, mix like boring machine of mill of high speed, high-power, large horizontal dragon door machining center; Brief summary component makes equipment in, wait like machining center, compound machine tool; Standard component machines product line automatically; Circumgyrate treatment is used, if numerical control car, numerical control is ground, Che Xi is compound machining center. Be aimed at the high pressure with new generation oily oil pump in all the treatment of rail system, car domain puts forward future to will machine machine tool, liquid to machining center, electric spark 17 kinds of big products such as equipment of abrade extruder, expensive accurate grinding machine, good car, heat treatment, finishing equipment and assembly line and test equipment have bigger demand. Although other sphere user did not raise specific facility requirement, but the development that speaks of in the busy rate that produces at present from its and communication plans to look, the demand of equipment of high-grade numerical control in was opposite will be increasing, mix to whole set of equipment hand in key project to will have bigger demand.