Mitsubishi heavy industries developed vertical machining center can be long size workpieces

Published on 2019-07-02

Mitsubishi heavy industry developed a maximum of 3000 x 800 mm size table of large vertical machining center “MV80”.Mainly used for processing of aircraft and engine parts and long size of mould, etc.To the user can be in accordance with the length of the workpieces and highly selective performance parameters, the various performance parameters of the machining center.

the machining center is mainly aimed at the following requirements: hope size beyond ordinary processing center workbench large workpieces, or because of the large gantry machining center, want to choose the small processing center.Most artifacts for 3 tons in weight.Worktable can choose to 250 mm length.Equipped with spindle revolutions 6000 RPM and 20000 RPM revolutions of mould processing with style.Also optional round table control (NC).

according to mitsubishi heavy industries, the machining center is to meet the demand of its cause and cooperative enterprises of processing and development.And consider to set the centralized maintenance department in one place, such as operating convenience.