Boring machine of deep Kong Zuan of Shandong Pu Lisen and new-style lathe will appear on CIMT 2009

Published on 2018-03-27

The CIMT 2009(that shortly will come exhibition of machine tool of the 11st China International, came 11 days on April 6, beijing) go up, limited company of Shandong Pu Lisen group (the date that exhibit a stage: W2-B205) will exhibit boring machine of deep Kong Zuan of TK2180 numerical control and CK61200G × heavy-duty center lathe of 110 numerical control two products.

Deep aperture of TK2180 numerical control gets boring machine is treatment cylindrical the special machine tool of deep aperture spare parts, apply to cylindrical of deep aperture workpiece auger, boring treatment, can realize the treatment of aperture of step aperture, a flight of stairs. At the same time this company cutting tool, complementary the advantage that has a design to make and machine tool match, the deep aperture that can satisfy all sorts of users machines need. This machine tool basically is used at irrigation works oil cylinder, large canal the large deep Kong Jia of each domain such as treatment of aperture of main shaft of platform of model, maritime artesian well, large electric machinery is versed in.

And 110 numerical control of CK61200G × are heavy-duty center lathe is this company new-style and heavy-duty center lathe. Its lathe bed uses whole 4 slideway, tool carrier slideway uses the slideway that set steel to add auxiliary slideway, can maintain the geometrical precision of the machine tool for a long time. Box of machine tool main shaft uses the form that wear an axis, two bearing, 160r/min of highest turn up. Use system of numerical control of Xi Menzi 802DSL at the same time, visit stage and station of overhead suspension pushbutton greatly, the operation is very convenient. This machine tool agrees with the cutting tool such as hard alloy, pottery and porcelain, curved surface of the columnar face of metalloid to black metal, nonferrous metal and part spare parts, taper seat, end panel, circumgyrate, grooving, whorl, bore have thick precision work.