Lathe of numerical control of innovation of dawn group technician sends automatically makings

Published on 2019-07-02

Before before long, spaceflight division is versed in numerical control of orgnaization of servo of company of group of dawn of 4 courtyards Nanjing machines a young technician Yuan Yongsheng to be when the treatment that has a batch of bolt, excogitated to realize standard component treatment to send the distinctive means of makings automatically on numerical control lathe. This method reduced intensity of operation staff work, improved work efficiency greatly.

Before, this company bolt kind standard component normally treatment process is: Clip makings, keep appropriate extend length, treatment, cut off, stop machine, loose chuck, pull out good stuff comes to extend length suitably, again clamp, rework… repeat ceaselessly so. This kind of method needs to operate personnel to keep stopping makings of machine, clip, the methodological photograph that the automatic lathe that uses normally with professional factory machines is compared, manufacturing efficiency is low, labor strength is great. Spare parts batch is bigger, this one issue is more outstanding.

After Yuan Yongsheng receives this to approve the treatment task of bolt, think actively how to solve this one problem. Consider through, he of function of lathe of numerical control of deep know well found a solution, after with relevant director technologist undertakes discussing, decided one realizes standard component treatment to send the distinctive means of makings automatically on numerical control lathe. Main process is method of this kind of treatment: After machining a spare parts, one pace is not when cutting off cut off, cut however to certain deepness, retreat a knife, the program that uses oneself to weave next completes treatment process. This string of movement comes true by the program entirely, get sth done without any letup, what realized treatment of numerical control lathe successfully is automatic send makings function, leave out assist a process artificially, realized the successive treatment of the product.

According to calculating, if use old method, operation personnel had be toed defend in edge of numerical control lathe, every 5 minutes of outfit place workpiece, can produce about 12 bolt only hourly. And new method can let operate personnel to accomplish hourly production easily to make an appointment with 23 bolt however.